Healing Affirmation Candle

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Healing Affirmation Candle


A soothing candle to bring in an aura of spiritual, emotional, mental or physical healing.

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When faced with the challenge of healing, you can use all the help you can get. Healing occurs on all the levels of the self, emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. This candle supports you spiritually and emotionally, helping you to cope with the physical and mental changes you are experiencing. As with all healing products, this candle should be used in addition to seeking the guidance of a healthcare provider.

Affirmation: My healing begins with my intent of health, is empowered by my desire for wholeness and is materialized by my willingness to flow within my truth.

A royal purple candle embodied with honeysuckle & cedar.

Ways to use this candle:

Dress this candle in healing oil and roll in Angelica root for gentle spiritual healing.

Candle Size 4" H X 2" W
Burns Approximately 40 Hours
Cotton Wick
Made in the USA
100% Lead-Free