Meditation Affirmation Candle


Meditation Affirmation Candle


A gentle candle to invite mental peace, harmony and clarity.

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Meditation can heal the soul and quiet a troubled mind. It can bring focus and be the subtle difference between success and failure. This Affirmation candle is designed with the oils that help one achieve deep, healing meditative states. 

Affirmation: With a still mind, I experience the depth of my soul, bringing clarity and wholeness to my self. I energize my spirit with the source of creation. 

A gentle tan candle kissed with an uplifting musk blend. 

Ways to use this candle:

Light it during your meditation time to encourage focus and clarity.

Dress with Clarity oil and sprinkle with Frankincense to open up your mind to spiritual insight.

Add Marjoram to quiet the mind. 

Sprinkle with Benzoin to encourage uplifting and refreshing mental states. 

Candle Size 4" H X 2" W
Burns Approximately 40 Hours
Cotton Wick
Made in the USA
100% Lead-Free