Prosperity Affirmation Candle

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Prosperity Affirmation Candle


A powerful candle to open up the gates of prosperity and abundance.

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The source of your prosperity lies within. Positive affirmations create positive thoughts which in turn create positive actions that cause prosperity to abound. 

Affirmation: I release the limiting thoughts that block my prosperity. I open my mind, heart and being to the unlimited abundance of the universe.

A Clover Green candle kissed with the essences of Bergamot & Clove. 

Ways to use this candle:

Create a prosperity altar with coins, bills and images of your prosperity wishes and light this candle to send those intentions out.

Dress with Prosperity oil and sprinkle with Sarsaparilla and Patchouli to amplify your prosperity intentions.

Add Magnetic Sand to attract money to you.

Sprinkle a circle of Irish Moss around this candle to increase business prosperity. 

Candle Size 4" H X 2" W
Burns Approximately 40 Hours
Cotton Wick
Made in the USA
100% Lead-Free