Stability/Self Esteem Blessed Candle


Stability/Self Esteem Blessed Candle


Form a solid foundation inside to build your dreams upon with the Earth energies of this candle. 

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Form a solid foundation to build your dreams upon with the Earth energies of this candle. Earths energy gives stability, a foundation for your journey into the depths of your spirit. There you will discover the true worth of your self.

COLOR: Rich Earth Brown 

SCENT/HERBS: Earthy Cypress & Patchouli Essential Blend.

CANDLE USE: Self-esteem and self-worth issues. Stability and security within the deepest self.

ASTROLOGICAL USE: Burning this candle during the Waxing Moon when it is in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn will help you tap into your inner strength. As your confidence bubbles to the surface the turbulence subsides. Lighting this candle during the Waning Moon will help to dispel the blockages to positive self esteem.

OTHER INFO: The Element of Earth is associated with your bones and muscles, the sacred direction of North, the tarot suit of coins, Midnight and Winter. Brown has long been associated with the rich soil of the Earth. The soil sustains life and anchors the roots of even the most giant of trees. Let the deep brown of the Earth Candle remind you to grow your own roots deeply into the Mother Earth, allowing her to stabilize and nurture you.

Candle Size 7" H X 1.5" W
Burns Approximately 36 Hours
Cotton Wick
Made in the USA
100% Lead-Free