How To Use Runes in Spells, Magic and Divination

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Do you know how to use runes in spells, magic and divination? Most of us who know about magic know a little bit about the runes and at least are familiar with them or may have even have worked with them. For those of you who have not yet been introduced to their magic, runes are usually viewed as a divination tool like the tarot but the magic of the runes does not stop there.

This article is going to give you an amazing, phenomenal, beautiful way to start working with the runes, even if you have had no experience with them. You don’t have to memorize anything. You don’t have to have a long deep relationship with runes to begin your journey, though this technique I’ll teach you doesn’t prevent that from happening. But this is a way to work with the runes even if you aren’t using them as a divination tool yet.

I will start out by saying that I am by no means an expert on the runes. But I do love them and I do love working with them. I love them so much that I have a rune tattooed on each wrist. The two runes I picked are Wunjo and Dagaz. Wunjo means joy, and Dagaz means breakthrough and awakening. So, these are the things I want to bring into my environment. They symbolize what I want to bring into my practice. Happiness, and awakening, and breakthroughs. Who wouldn’t want that? I sure do.

Getting runes tattooed is not a divination practice, but it is a way of bringing the runes into your magic. Divination is only the tip of the iceburg when it comes to what you can do with runes.

The Different Types of Runes

Let’s take a look at the history of the runes. First of all, runes date back to about 100 ACE. That’s the first evidence of runes that we see in our archeological findings. Germanic people, including Norse Vikings, developed this written alphabet. You may have heard the terms Elder Futhark or Younger Futhark. The alphabet of the runes is known as a Futhark, which is the first six letters of the rune alphabet. Much like how the word alphabet contains alpha and beta, The Futhark is the name of the alphabet. And it’s named for those first six letters of the Norse writing system.

Because they are so old, we know very little about The Elder Futhark. The Elder Futhark has 24 characters and was predominantly used from about 100 ACE to 700 ACE. The Elder Futhark is what is most often seen in rune sets. These sets contains 24 runes, or sometimes 25 when a blank one is in the set.

The Younger Futhark has only 16 characters. The Norse people condensed the alphabet down to these characters and abandoned the rest. And this was in use from around 700 ACE, up until the Middle Ages, 1200 ACE.

Now, there is also another Futhark, it’s called the Anglo-Saxon Runes, which have 33 characters in it. They were used mostly in England. However, when we are thinking of rune divination sets, we’re almost exclusively thinking of the Elder Futhark.

Getting to Know The Elder Futhark

While the runes are an amazing divination tool, they were also a useable alphabet. Give that some thought when working with them. Tarot is an amazing divination tool, but isn’t an alphabet. We don’t really use tarot in many other contexts. We might use the tarot for meditation or a spell, but it doesn’t have that quality of being a written alphabet. This makes the runes very special.

The runes, pop up all over these archaeological finds around England, Scandinavian countries, and beyond. These runes would be carved on stones, for example. Oftentimes they would show up on memorial stones for people that had passed on. We also see them on bone, antler, wood, and even on metal!

We can find the evidence of these letters all over the place, and they are quite common. But they are more than an alphabet. Each of these letters has a very specific and special magical meaning. Understanding their magical meanings is easier when you know the legends that the Norse people had about the runes. So, I’m going to tell you the legend of the runes. The mythology of how the runes were discovered shows you how powerful people considered these amazing, magical tools.

The Story of Odin

So, this is the story of Odin and the runes. Odin is the Norse god who is the leader of all the gods. That group of gods and goddesses is called The Æsir, and he was their leader. One of his great qualities was that he was always seeking to have more wisdom. He was always on the hunt for more knowledge. He understood very deeply that knowledge is power. He had many adventures in his stories where he’s trying to find out something or trying to discover something – seeking a magical skill or special knowledge.

Odin was willing to sacrifice for this wisdom and knowledge. In fact, one of the attributes of Odin was that he had one eye. His missing eye was plucked out in exchange for a piece of wisdom. So he had a strong understanding of sacrificing to gain magical wisdom and knowledge.

Yggdrasil: The World Tree

The other thing that you have to know about Norse mythology is the idea of the World Tree. The name of the World Tree in Norse mythology is Yggdrasil. So, Yggdrasil was believed to be this giant tree that held up all the worlds. At the base of the tree was a well, the Well of Urd.

This well was very deep and it’s where the World Tree got its water and nourishment. This enabled it to grow and sprout and protect these worlds. Around the Well of Urd lived the Norns. The Norns were three very mysterious and very powerful women who controlled fate. Not only the fate of the animals and the people, but the fate of the Æsir or the gods themselves. This made the Norns the most powerful beings of all.

Now, one of the ways that they would control fate is by carving runes into Yggdrasil’s trunk. They would carve the runes into the trunk, and then the energy of those runes would go out to wherever they needed to go in that magical tree. To the upper world, the middle world or the lower world. They could control everything with these runes, these mystical shapes. But the shapes were a mystery to everyone. They didn’t understand them. The gods couldn’t decipher them. They didn’t know what the Norns were doing.

Odin Envied the Norns’ Power

Of course, Odin was curious. He watched the Norns and he envied the power that they had to affect the fate of everyone, including the gods and goddesses. So, he decided he needed to know the meaning of the runes.

To get that knowledge, he had to hang himself, some say by the neck, others say by the foot, to get the insights and abilities that the Norns had. He had to pierce himself with his spear and hang from the tree, Yggdrasil, and look into the Well of Urd and the waters below.

We could see this as being a very shamanic act, this act of going between the worlds of the living and the dead. For nine days, Odin hung by his foot between the world of the living and the dead. He wasn’t quite dead yet, but he wasn’t alive. He was in that state of depletion and just hovering there.

Odin’s Sacrifice

He told the other gods, the other Æsir, “Don’t help me, don’t try to rescue me, don’t try to save me, I must go through this extreme trial to be able to understand the runes. My deepest desire is to have this knowledge.” As he stared downward for days and days and days, he called to the runes, he invited them in, and he teetered in that real liminal state, between life and death. As you can imagine, this would be a really out there experience. Anyone who has ever been in that state of one foot in the world of spirit, and one foot in the world of the living knows it is an intense place to be.

So, for nine days and nights, he did this, and on the ninth night, at last, he saw the runes in the depths of the water. Because he had made the sacrifice, the runes showed themselves to him. And Urd revealed, not only the form of the runes but also the secrets that they held. He understood them, he could use them and work with them.

The Hanged Man is Odin

If you’ve ever looked at the tarot deck and seen The Hanged Man card, you’ve seen this story depicted in the image. We see a man with a beautiful radiant halo around his head, but he’s hanging upside down by his foot. That is reminiscent of this story of Odin.

When Odin learned these runes and he understood them, he gained all sorts of abilities such as:

  • Heal wounds
  • Bind his enemies
  • Ruin the weapons of his enemies
  • Wake the dead
  • Win and keep a lover
  • Free himself of constraints
  • Put out fires
  • Expose and banish practitioners of malevolent magic
  • Protect his loved ones in battle

So while the runes are strongly associated with Odin, they are about the Norns. They allow us to tap in to these mysterious, powerful women who held this information and allowed Odin to uncover it through sacrifice. We can access the power of the runes just like Odin did. The runes are the world of Norns, and we can be Odin, making a sacrifice to learn the runes and work with them in our magic.

There are lots of ways that you can work with the runes in your magic. The easiest and simple way to work with them is to get a set of the Elder Futhark and get to know it. You can learn about them, look them up in the little booklet, or get a book about the runes and learn what they mean. You can carry one or two that you want to empower yourself with, or you can place them on an altar. Or you can hold them in your hands and feel for their energy. You can also create a Bind Rune.

What Are Bind Runes?

Bind runes are two or more runes placed together, often used for magical purposes to be used as powerful amulets. Bind runes date from about the 1600s and were first seen in Iceland. You can use bind runes magically by writing them on paper, inscribing them in candles, carving them into wood or stone. There’s so many ways that you can create and make bind runes to bring the essence of the runes to your magic.

Overlay Bind Runes

The first method of creating a bind rune is to overlay runes one on top of the other. Imagine you’re looking at two runes on two individual sheets of sheets of clear plastic and you put them over one another. Together they make a new shape. Spells will use these overlaid bind runes to manifest a reality.

The Bluetooth logo is actually a stacked bind rune. Berkana, that ᛒ shape, represents nurturing, protection, support, and creation. The other rune that we see in there is Hagall from the Younger Futhark, which looks like ᚼ and means hail. So, the ᚼ and the ᛒ stacked one on top of the other and blended together make that Bluetooth logo. That’s one way that we can create a bind rune.

Same-Stave Bind Runes

There’s another way that we can create a bind rune, which is to stack them. Almost like stacking vegetables on a shish kebab. If you hold up that shish kebab skewer, you see all the different vegetables. You can stack a series of runic letters in a specific order along a single access. That’s called a same-stave rune. Stave is a word for staff. So, same-stave runes are like arrows, spears, or sticks. We use them to attack a problem. If you’re trying to conquer something, or aim to be victorious over something, that’s when you might want to use a same-stave rune.

Radial Bind Runes

Now, there’s another kind of rune that we often see in jewelry called a radial rune. These are kind of similar to the stave runes, but they’re several staves sticking out like spokes on a wheel. Each of those might have a rune on the end of it, or a rune in the middle.

Now, these radial runes are useful in defense spells, protection spells, or amulets. When we create these amulets or talismans, this design is both beautiful and powerful.


Make Your Own Bind Rune

If you want to make a bind rune, here are the steps to do it. The first thing to do is to think of your magical goal. What would you like to accomplish and what would you like this bind rune to work on? Once you are clear about your magical goal, then find the rune or runes that best fit your purpose. You might, for example, repeat a rune around the radial rune over and over again. Or you might stack the rune up, but pick the ones that are the best fit for the work you’re doing.

Choose Your Runes

You could choose two, three, four runes, it doesn’t matter. Don’t use the whole Futhark, that would be too much. You don’t want to cloud your intention. Choose a few that match the energy of your goal.

Choose Your Design

Once you pick the runes, start playing around with your design on scratch paper. Remember to stick to the design-style that best matches your intention:

  • Manifestation: Overlay Bind Rune
  • Protection: Radial Bind Rune
  • Attack a Problem: Same-Stave Bind Rune

Choose Your Material

Once you’ve worked out your design on paper , then you can choose your material to work on with this rune. Here are a few examples:

  • Write it on a slip of paper and carry it with you
  • Carve it into wood or stone
  • Carve it into the side of a Beeswax Candle
  • Get a tattoo of it

You don’t even need to make anything to use your bind rune. As long as you know what it looks like, you could trace it in the air or even just visualize it! Do this whenever you need to summon its power.

Carnelian Gemstone Rune Set

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We have some beautiful rune sets made out of gemstones at the Parlour of Wonders. These are great for spells because that gemstone energy can bring in another representation of your intention. We also have some amazing books about the runes by some amazing authors! If you feel drawn to working with the runes, but you haven’t learned them as a divination tool, start thinking about working with them as a magical tool. Get in touch with them, invite their energy into your life. It is really powerful, beautiful and old, old magic that is so lovely.

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What Kinds of Spells Use Nails?

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nails can be used in magic

Have you ever done magic with nails? What kinds of spells use nails? I’m not talking about fingernails (though you can do some great color magic with your manicure!) I’m talking about magical nails, the type of nails that you hammer into wood. This article will teach you how to use a variety of nails in your spell work.

There’s so much to learn about nails and magic. You’ve probably seen nails show up on the Parlour of Wonders website or your local witch store and thought “What are these used for?” As you’ll soon learn, there are all kinds of amazing old-timey nails with magical uses. They come in a variety of materials all with different properties for your magic.

Using Nails in Aggressive Magic

Nails are often associated with aggressive magic. Some examples of aggressive spells include:

  • Curses
  • Hexes
  • Other magic meant to bring harm to someone

Archeological digs have found bottle spells with nails in them from hundreds of years ago. If buried on someone else’s property this was likely an act of aggressive magic. You may also see nails appear in poppet magic. Typically pins are used in poppets, but using a nail would be a much more aggressive and forceful way to work. Aggressive spells will oftentimes call for rusty nails due to their destructive quality. Because the rust is eating away at the nail and the nail is rotting away. Rusty nails are not used only for aggressive magic, but it is a very common use.

Using Nails in Other Types of Magic

Aggressive magic is definitely one magical use for nails but far from the only one. Here are some examples of ways you can use nails in sympathetic magic:

  • Use nails in a spell where you want to spiritually nail something down
  • Drive an idea into a stubborn person’s mind by using a nail
  • Use a nail to link two things together

You can also use nails in property spells. For example, you can use railroad spikes to nail down your property.

railroad spikes can be used in spells to keep property

Using Railroad Spikes

When we use railroads spikes we use them to prevent someone from pushing us out of the place we live. We want to nail down our home. If you’re a renter and you don’t want to get evicted, you could use those little square-cut nails in the corners of your apartment. Or you could use railroad spikes on the corners of your property if you rent or own a house. This is a great spell if you own your home and are fearful of foreclosure, if you’re afraid of the government seizing your property, or you want to prevent family members from stealing your property from you.

This comes from the Lucky Mojo site.

What you’ll need:

  1. A Railroad Spike (or square-cut nails) for each corner of your home. (How many you need will depend on the shape of your home)
  2. A Spiritual Oil that matches your intention (such as Binding Oil or Powerful Protection Oil)
  3. A hammer

First you’ll want to dress each of your railroad spikes with your spiritual oil. As you’re dressing them you should speak your intention. Some examples are:

  • “This land remains in my possession”
  • “This home belongs to me”
  • “Each corner of this property is powerfully protected”
  • “I bind this land to me”

If you’re able to hammer these into the dirt surrounding your home that is a great option. If you’re in an apartment you can drive those smaller square-cut nails into the corner walls. Then let them work their magic! This spell is a beautiful way to work with railroad spikes. If you think about it, railroad spikes are just big nails.

Working With Found Nails

Remember earlier when I mentioned that nails could be used in sympathetic magic? That’s when you’re working on something from a distance. A beautiful way to do this is with found nails. When you find a nail in or on something, you can retrieve it and get the essence of where it was found to use in your magic. This is a wonderful way of retaining an energy to work with later.

Nails Found in Shipping Pallets

Here’s a great example of that. We get lots of shipments at The Parlour of Wonders that arrive on wooden pallets. Those wooden pallets have nails in them. If I see a loose nail, I often take it out. They are perfect for spells involving transportation or communication. They invite in that smooth, open roads energy. Since that pallet transported things to us and got it here quickly we can save that energy and call on it when we need it.

Nails Found in the Home

Another example is if you spot a loose nail in a floorboard or roof. Those flooring nails or roofing nails are perfect for spells where you want to gain a new apartment or new home. Use them to hang onto your home, or effect some change in your home. Or, since your home protects you from the elements, they are perfect for protection spells too. So think about those nails that you find in or around a home as being another wonderful way that we can work with nails.

Nails Found Around Horses

Another type of nail that you might find if you work around horses or around a stable is horseshoe nails. Now horseshoes themselves are very lucky. So a horseshoe nail is a very lucky find indeed, but horses also have a lot of other qualities that we can channel. Some examples are:

  • Movement and Travel
  • Courage
  • Winning

If you went to the racetrack and found a horseshoe nail, that would be a super lucky gambling talisman. So start thinking of those found horseshoe nails and how you can utilize their special properties.

Working With Coffin Nails

Now, a nail that you’re almost sure to have seen if you’ve been around magic any length of time is a coffin nail. Most of the coffin nails you see online are not coffin nails. How many coffins are they really tearing apart to bring you those nails for $3? That’s not happening. They are just rusty nails that they’re calling coffin nails.

True coffin nails found in a graveyard are extremely rare and very, very valuable as a magical tool. They indicate that the coffin itself has disintegrated and the nail has moved up through the land. That’s a super challenging thing to find. If you want to find one you’ll need to check very old churchyards or cemeteries. And if you did find one, that would be an exceptional find.

Now, coffin nails are most often used for malefic magic, for negative magic. They can harm someone. You can use anything for bad magic or anything for good magic. Some things are better for one or the other, but it’s your intention that counts.

You could use coffin nails in the way that we use graveyard dirt. Graveyard dirt is used to connect to the spirit of the grave the dirt is from. Coffin nails can be used for the same thing. They can bring in that spirit, and if you found that nail it may be that the spirit wants to work with you. So that’s a more benign way of working with a coffin nail. But we most often see coffin nails show up time and time again in malefic magic, where people are doing harm against someone else.

Historical Nail Spells

All kinds of nails can be used to represent something else in sympathetic magic. There are some great archeological finds that show this. In the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in England they have a couple of nail displays. With these displays, they always have an explanation of the magic and the spell that they were using it for. One of them explains how traditionally in England they would drive nails them into the ground and leave them there. As the nails rotted away it would cure illnesses in humans and animals.

The idea was to put the energy of that illness into the nail. Hammer it into the ground and have the moisture of the ground eat away at that nail and diminish the illness. In the museum, they have a large rusty iron nail wrapped in paper containing a charm against epilepsy. The nail from that spell was driven into the ground in the spot where the victim fell and had a seizure. So it may have been that there was some belief about the spot also having some negative magic. So they put a charm around that nail, hammered it into the ground with the intention of helping this friend or family member recover from epilepsy.

Using Nails As Symbols

Nails can also be symbols in our magic. So Christian witches, for example, might want to use three nails to represent the nails of the crucifixion. They might put them on their altar or carry them in a charm bag to bring relief from suffering or connect more deeply to the concept of sacrifice. That could be a beautiful way of working.

Nails can also be symbols of building an industry. If you are working on a project, you might have a nail to represent the work that is going to be put into that project. Choose a nail made from a material that has qualities you want to embody. This nail can represent building something physical or building a spiritual foundation. Building a new community. Building an empire, building success. This all can be represented by a simple nail on your altar.

Using Nails to Inscribe Candles

Now, this is how I most often use nails, as tools in my magical practice. My number one use for nails is to inscribe on candles. I have nails scattered all over the place and I use them as inscribing tools. I also own some beautiful handcrafted inscribing tools. They aren’t always handy though, so if I can’t find one, I’ll grab a nail and use it as a tool for inscribing.

It is easy to inscribe on our wax candles. We can write and scratch what it is that we want on our beeswax candles with that nail. And it’s a great tool for doing that. We can also use it for scratching on wood or softer stone, or a painted surface.

Using Nails in Destructive Magic

If you want to do some destructive magic, you can take a nail and use it like a chisel and hammer. Use it on something representative of what you’d like to open up or destroy. You may encounter a spell that requires you to break something in half, like a small piece of wood. Use a nail to break that wood in half.

You can also use nails for their original use. As you hammer them in, speak your intention into that nail. Or you could nail a petition paper to a fence or a wall, or tack a charm on a piece of furniture, or nail a horseshoe above a door. The horseshoe itself is magical, but you can also add magic to that nail. Dress it with some good luck oil and speak your wishes to it, then hammer that horseshoe into the wall.

Easy Nail Spells You Can Do

Now there’s lots and lots of nail spells that you’ll see online. I’m going to share a couple of them here with you:

Ancient Roman Protection Spell

In Ancient Rome they would take iron nails and drive them into the walls of their house. This was to protect them during plague times. So that could be something very useful right now when we still have variants of COVID flying around. You may want to put some iron nails in your walls to protect yourself. To do so is embracing very ancient magic, old magic that is thousands of years old.

Using Nails With Pennies

Another great spell that I love so much and have done with great success is crossing nails over pennies. This is also from the Lucky Mojo website and it’s a great Hoodoo protection spell using nails and Indian head pennies. Do this spell if you want to protect your space from the law, or intruders, or anyone unwanted from coming into your home or your place of business. Nail a row of Indian head pennies, what they would call in Hoodooo “scouts”. These are your scouts that are watching out for you. And you can nail them into the threshold on the floor or around the frame of your door.

Now there are two ways that you can nail them. You could drill a hole through the center of the penny and then just hammer them. But there’s another, even more beautiful way. Get some long nails and put two side-by-side on the penny at the lower part of the coin. Set the penny on them, drive those nails in an inch or two, and then fold the remainder part of the nails in an X-shape over the penny.

It looks amazing. It’s super magical and powerful because it’s X-ing out. It is a symbol of protection. It’s X-ing out negative people, and it looks super, super cool. So that’s a great way of working with nails as well. Those nails and pennies can be blessed with oil on a regular basis. You could put powerful protection oil on them, for example, and keep that protection going in your home or your business.

Working With Different Types of Metals

So let’s talk about the metals nails are made from. So when you’re working with nails, you can have some options when it comes to the metals. Those metals have different properties for magic and they can enhance your magic. Like how colors are used for color magic, we can enhance our magic with the metals that we choose for our nails. So here are some of the kinds of metals that you can find and use for your spells:


The first nail type we will discuss is aluminum. Now, aluminum is a more modern metal. So it isn’t something we’ll find in ancient times or old, old magic. Still, aluminum definitely has magical properties. Aluminum nails can be used to stimulate creativity, to enhance mental abilities, and for safety in travel. Aluminum is also considered the magician’s invisibility metal. It reflects and deflects incoming energies. It makes us invisible to our enemy. So it’s a fantastic metal for protection and when we don’t want anyone to see what we’re doing.

Brass Nails


Another metal we can find nails made out of is brass. Brass is perfect for healing, protection, and prosperity spells. I love using brass in prosperity spells because it looks like gold. That gold color is going to enhance that prosperity magic magnificently. We can also use brass for defensive magic. If the goal is reversals and sending back negativity to its source brass is perfect. So if you’re doing that kind of magic, you are going to want to hook yourself up with some brass nails for that.

Forged copper nails


We can find nails in copper, and copper is used to focus our energy. So focus those energy flows with the magic of copper. We can use it almost like a magic wand. We can use those copper nails to focus that energy and get it to a point and really put it into whatever we’re doing. So when you’re inscribing with a copper nail, you really add some extra power to it. We can also use it in healing spells, luck spells, love spells.

Copper is the metal of Aphrodite, so it’s great for love spells. We can also use it for protection and for prosperity spells. It’s kind of a universal positive metal for all of these things. Copper can also be used to draw away negative energy. So if you have a lot of negativity around you and you want to keep it away, you can hammer some of those copper nails into something around your house. Pennies themselves are copper, so they’re also keeping away that negative energy.

forged iron nails


We see iron nails all the time. Iron is useful for protection, reversing negativity, strength spells, healing spells, and for grounding. A lot of iron nails are treated with something. They have a coating on them to protect them from getting rusty. So if you want to have a rusty iron nail, then you’re going to want to soak it in vinegar for two or three days. That will eat away at that coating so that you have the iron underneath, and then you can let it rust if you want a rusty nail. But a non-rusty iron nail is also a magnificent tool.

Iron has a very interesting quality because it has a spirit element. It’s both of this world and of the spirit world. It’s “as above, so below.” That is what iron is all about. So we can use iron in our spells for out of body experiences, spirit travel, or astral travel. It opens up our connection between this world and the other worlds. Iron is a very, very old metal, so we see lots of old traditional magic around it.

Some systems invite the use of iron and some forbid it. In some systems you’ll see mandates like make your altar without any iron, or remove your iron jewelry before you perform magic. Whether you want to follow this guidance is up to you. Just check with your intuition. Iron is seen as something that we can use to protect against trickster spirits, perhaps fey folk or the good folk. If you don’t want them around causing mischief, you could place iron nails around to protect yourself from that trickster energy.

Rusty Nails

Rusty nails can be used for spells of gradual destruction or for bringing extra luck and power. A lots of times there’s a recommendation to use a rusty railroad spike or a rusty horseshoe for good luck. So depending on what your system is or what you learned, you might hear one way or another way. Follow the system that works best for you.

nickel nail


Another kind of metal that we see in nails is nickel. Nickel is useful when you need extra information or energy. So if you’re feeling very depleted, you can use nickel to kind of kick it up a notch or if there’s confusion, nickel will clarify that information for you. If you’re trying to solve a problem, or you need a breakthrough of some kind, use nickel for that.


Steel is another metal that you may find nails made out of. This is relatively newer kind of metal. Steel has only been around for a few hundred years. It’s used for protection, it’s used for healing, and it’s great for guarding against negativity. It’s super strong, right? So we can use it to represent things like knives and swords that protect us. They’re made out of steel, and that’s what steel nails are perfect for.


The last metal that I’m gonna share with you is zinc. Zinc is a metal of magical revelation. It has powerful transformative property. So if you need a total transformation, then you can use a zinc nail. Zinc is really fascinating to work with. You can sense its different energy when you start to work with it, so give it a try!

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How to Use Box Spells for Manifestation

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pandoras box is an example of a containment spell

The universe wants to hand you a great big gift and it’s all wrapped up in a box. In this article you’ll learn about the magic of boxes, box spells, and more. If you’d like, you can check out this article as a podcast by subscribing to Magic and the Law of Attraction. Or you can check out a video of the podcast at the bottom of this page!

You may know about bottle spells, bag spells, and charm bags. Box spells are their own category of spells and they have a very magical energy.

Key Concepts About Box Spells

There are some key concepts that go along with box spells. Keep these concepts in mind when devising a spell. Once you understand them you can create effective box spells. The first key concept is concealment.

Box Spells Include an Element of Concealment

Box spells have an air of secrecy around them. Have you shaken a gift wrapped box to guess what the present is inside? That concealment is delightful. That concealment also keeps out prying eyes. If you need to keep your magic a secret for some reason, a box spell is a great fit. A box spell is a wonderful way of keeping prying eyes away from what you’re working on magically.

Encapsulation is Key With Box Spells

Box spells also have an element of encapsulation. Think of encapsulation as creating a protective bubble around something: you’re taking something and you’re wrapping it up. When you encapsulate your spell, you’re keeping in what’s meant to be there and keeping out what isn’t. Keep this in mind when crafting your box spells!

Boxes Represent Structure

Another aspect of box spells is structure. Most boxes have four sides. That number four is important in magic. Think of the four seasons. Consider the four directions. Remember the four elements. We see that four show up time and time again. In numerology four represents structure. If you need to do a protection spell you can put something inside the box and symbolically protect it from the outside world.

Or we can put something in a box and protect the outside world from what’s inside. Think about, for example, “Pandora’s Box.” In that legend all the evils of the world were contained in a box. Which leads us into our last key concept, containment.

Containment Magic is Powerful

The last concept may be the most important when talking about box spells, and that is containment. A box spell is a container spell. Like a genie in a bottle, we are keeping something inside so that we can have control over it. It can also be about us holding it together, or having healthy boundaries. The main point of a box spell is that the magic won’t dissipate or diminish. It’s really holding something for the long-term.

How Box Spells Differ From Other Types of Magic

Box spells can be very different from some other kinds of magic. They tend to be about longer term work more than many other spells. Think about a cleansing bath. We do that at the moment we need to cleanse something and then go back to our life until our next cleanse. With a candle spell, we light a candle, we send the energy out there and we give it a big burst of power, like sending off a rocket of desire. But a box spell is for longevity. Something that you want to hold on to and keep the energy going, day after day. Some examples of what topics could be good for a box spell are:

  • Commitment
  • Protection
  • Prosperity
  • Peace in the home
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Well-being

Different Kinds of Boxes

There are many different types of boxes you can use in your box spell magic. Of course, you can use a little cardboard box or maybe a box that some special jewelry came in. An ornate box could also work great or a regular cardboard box that you would prefer to keep hidden and put away. And, you can also use cigar boxes.

Creating Box Spells With Cigar Boxes

Cigar boxes are amazing. I love working with a cigar box for a box spell for two reasons. First, it’s got room for quite a few things. Second, it’s got that old-time feel. Using a cigar box always reminds me of the 1920s and 1930s, a period of time that I’m in love with.

We can think about that cigar box as giving that old-time flavor. Cigar boxes are pretty sturdy as well and you can use them for many, many years. I have cigar boxes that belonged to my dad. He didn’t smoke cigars, but he used them for decades for storing nuts and bolts in his garage. I have some of those that I keep and they’re precious to me because my dad used them.

Cigar boxes can last a long time, they’re super sturdy, and they have that nice little flap that opens and closes. You can turn a cigar box into an altar or just a place to store magical items. That can be a lovely way to work with them.

Wooden Boxes for box spells in the shape of a heart

Working With Wooden Boxes

Another kind of box you might think about is a wooden box. Now, cigar boxes are often wood boxes but you can get other kinds of wooden boxes. These include treasure chests, engraved boxes, decorated boxes, or boxes with a hinge or lid on it. There are some very beautiful wooden boxes out there that you can work with!

A ceramic box that can be used for spells

Working With Ceramic Boxes

Ceramic boxes can also be perfect for box spells. That’s one that people don’t often think of. So those little trinket boxes, those little china boxes that you get, can be really lovely for a box spell. Best of all they look beautiful when put out and nobody needs to know what’s inside. You put your spell work inside, and it can just look beautiful on a shelf or on an altar, and so on.

Other Types of Boxes for Box Spells

I have seen candles that are actually boxes. Yes, it’s true. There are candles created with a hollow interior and you could put things inside. That combines a candle spell with a box spell, but you could just use that wax box by itself without burning the candle.

Jewelry boxes can also be transformed into spell boxes as well. So you might find one at a junk store or thrift store. You may not want to use it for your jewelry but you can use it for a box spell. If it has a little musical music box in there, then you can add yet another magical element to your spell!

Another super-out-there creative kind of box are edible boxes. You might have seen boxes made from chocolate or sugar. Those are perfect for spells where you wish to sweeten something, for example.

So start to get creative and think about different kind kinds of boxes that you can use for your box spells, not just a cardboard box.

What to Put Inside of Your Box Spell

So once you’ve got the box that you’re going to be working with, we have to think about what we’re going to put in those boxes. There are so many things that you can put into a box. Remember that the box spell has the essence of something that’s going to be long-lasting. So you don’t want to put something in the box that’s going to go bad like food.

When thinking of putting something in a box, the first thing that springs to my mind is a petition paper. You can write out a petition of what it is that you want and what it is that you want the box to do. Petition papers can be as simple as you writing out your wish and putting that paper in the box. That’s it. But you can also get very elaborate with your petition papers.

The Magic Wishing Box Spell

One of my favorite spells is the magic wishing box. I talk about this in Episode One of my Magic and the Law of Attraction podcast, “How Does Magic Work?” At the end of it, I give a recipe for doing a magic wishing box. All the wishing box is, is a box that you’re putting in slips of paper with your wishes on them. These can be petitions, images, pictures or keywords, anything that represents what you want to manifest. That box becomes the place to manifest the things that you want.

Now, you can add more than petition papers. You can add more to it – things like crystals or herbs and roots can go into a magic spell box. Dried herbs, dried roots are the ones that you want to use in this case. You don’t want something getting moldy and rotten in there. So you can put something that’s already dried inside.

You can also add talismans, things like coins or charms. The sky is the limit when it comes to the ideas of things that you can put in your spell box as long as they’re things that will be long-lasting.

So, when we think about a general box spell, what do we do with it? We put our petitions of what we want, add a few crystals, put in a few herbs that support our intention….now, what do we do with it?

treasure chests can be box spells

What To Do with Your Box Spell

The first place that comes to mind for putting a spell box is on an altar. If you have that cute little box, you can put it out on your altar. Your spell is going to marinate and charge up on that altar. The more time you spend working at your altar, the more energy and magical power your spell gets.

You can also keep it somewhere in the home that’s hidden. You might want to put it away in a drawer so that nobody else sees it or knows about it, or you might want to put it in a place where that seems appropriate to the spell.

You might want to have a box spell for abundant business and keep it someplace at work. A box spell for love and attraction could be stored in your bedroom. You can hide it away in a drawer, cupboard, or closet where it is safe from others.

treasure chests can also be box spells

Burying a Box Spell

You could also bury a box spell to keep it extra safe. You can bury it on your own property or bury it on someone else’s property if you’re working on another person. If you wanted to do a spell to bring prosperity into your home, bury your box in the front yard to invite abundance into your home. If you have prosperity and you want to keep that prosperity, then bury it in your backyard where it’s going to stay. Dig a little hole, bury it there, and then set it and forget it. There’s your box spell for all eternity until some archeological dig finds it ages from now!

You can also give a box spell away to someone. Either tell them not to open it, or let them open it if you’re giving it to them freely. Either way let them know what’s inside and what it’s for. Such as “I made this box spell for you to have peace in your home.” Or, “I made this magic box so that you have a prosperous business.” “Congratulations on your new job. I want you to have success. Here’s your box spell. Put this in your drawer at work.” That can be an entirely other way to work with a box spell.

The Treasure Chest Spell Box

A favorite of mine is the treasure chest spell. Pirates would gather loot together and put in the treasure chest. They would then bury it somewhere for safekeeping until they could come back and get it at a later time. You can do a treasure chest spell as well. Put your treasures (treasured talismans, coins, your special lucky, charm, etc) inside of a chest and then put it on your altar.

I always think in a treasure chest spell, it looks great to have a box that has that rounded top like a treasure chest. This will really amplify your work. That shape alone invites abundance in. Once you put those magical things in there and get them charged up and going, that magic is going to take off.

Creating Mirror Box Spells

A mirror box is a reversing spell, or it can also be a reflection spell. Mirrors in magic reflect back what’s sent out, so if you look in a mirror and you say to yourself, “You got this,” that is reflected back to you. That’s a real positive, reflective spell.

But we can also face the mirrors the other way and reflect or deflect something negative. That’s another way of working with mirrors. We can use a mirror box to contain someone who’s troubling us. Let all their negative energy bounce off the mirrors and back on them. That’s a reversing spell.

So here’s what you need to do a mirror box spell:

The beeswax is important because you’ll want to create a poppet representing the person, yourself or someone else, who you want to reflect the energy back to.

You can do this spell for yourself if you’d like. You could magnify your success or amplify your good luck. If that’s what you want you’ll make the poppet represent yourself, and put good luck items in the box with it.

Another powerful way to work is to use a mirror spell to deflect negative energy. It’s clean and easy. You’re not doing anything malefic or harmful to anyone else. You are redirecting their negativity away from you and back to the source.
So create a poppet and then use a glue gun to glue mirror tiles to the inside of the box. It’s almost like you’re creating a little house of mirrors in there. Once those have cooled and dried, you place the poppet inside the box and close it.

What to Do With Your Finished Mirror Box Spell

You don’t want to keep a reversing box spell in your home, you want to bury it. Traditionally we would take this mirror box spell and bury it in a graveyard. But you could also bury it anywhere off of your property where it won’t be found.

So, there you have it. A bunch of delicious ways that you can use box spells to make some amazing, long-lasting magic.

If you’d like to get the full podcast, you can listen to Magic and the Law of Attraction or you can watch the original video of the podcast below.

Here are some of our favorite offerings that we have here at the Parlour of Wonders to help you with your box spells.

Hand Blown Glass Hanging Heart Box 

This beautiful box is made from real hand-blown mercury glass embellished with sparkling seed beads, glitter and rhinestones and hangs from a velvet ribbon.

Heart Shaped Wooden Love Spell Box

These rustic wooden boxes are perfect for holding your love charms, secrets and spells. These sweet boxes can even nest one inside the other if you’d like to triple the effect of holding your love spells securely.

Lucky Horseshoe Ceramic Spell Box 

A teeny tiny ceramic spell box to put your most precious spellwork. Write your wishes, affirmations, dreams and spells on a slip of paper and place inside the box to bring yourself good luck of all kinds.

Charging a Lucky Talisman with Incense

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Incense is an incredible and often overlooked tool for making some really powerful magic – either as a support tool when doing other magic spells, or as the focus of the spell itself. One of the beautiful things that you can do with incense is use it to cleanse, charge or empower ritual tools and objects. For example, if you have a tarot deck, you can pass it through incense smoke to cleanse it or charge it, something that is especially useful because traditional cleansing with liquids would harm the cards.

One of my favorite things to do with incense is to consecrate, bless and charge lucky talismans. I do this all the time with jewelry and small objects that I can carry on me when I need that dose of luck.  Luck isn’t just for gamblers either – being lucky means being in the right place at the right time and having opportunities open for us easily. So all of us could use a lucky talisman anytime – and here’s a spell to make your own.

Making a Good Luck Talisman with Incense

Here’s a simple spell for ritually creating a lucky talisman (or amping up the luck of an existing talisman)

What you will need:

– Cone Incense for Luck (I Got Mine Cone Incense or Easy Winners Incense are superb for this work)
– A small heat proof dish or incense holder
– Matches or lighter
– A talisman that you wish to charge (can be a lucky coin, rabbit’s foot, gemstone, jewelry or anything that can be easily carried or worn)

Light the tip of the incense cone and place it on the heat-proof dish.  After several seconds, blow out the flame and let the fragrant smoke rise up from the incense cone.

Hold your talisman in both hands. Say a prayer or intention for how your would like to charge your talisman. For example say, “May this ring bring me luck in love” or “Spirit, bless this rabbit’s foot so that I attract lucky opportunities”

Visualize the luck effect that you would like to see. As you do, wave the talisman through the smoke several times, being sure that the smoke touches all sides.

You talisman is now charged with your prayer or intention. Carry it with you anytime you would like to give yourself extra luck.

Let the incense burn completely and imbue your space with extra lucky energy. So simple and yet so effective!

If you are wanting to see how to work with incense, then you’ll want to check out my video on to work with incense cones.

6 Ways To Make Your Dreams Come True By Creating A Witch’s ‘Magic Spell Box’

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using box spells for manifestation

Make Some Magic in Your Life Every Day

Magic is everywhere — if you know where to look — and you can use real spells of magic in your everyday life for happiness, love, relationships, and making your dreams come true.

Witches have long known that with simple witchcraft supplies, there are ways to create amazing magical moments in your life with real magic spells.

And even if you’re trying your hand at witchcraft for the first time, then the best way to begin is to start with a magic spell box to gather all the good influences and energies you want to attract into your life

If you are ready to change your situation in jaw-dropping ways, then here’s how to create a magic spell box and use it to bring in powerful and positive manifestations:

Decide What to Use for Your Magic Spell Box

The main thing you will need for this spell is a box, of course. Find or make a beautiful box: An old jewelry box, a wooden box, a pretty tin, or even a cigar box that you can paint or decoupage would be perfect.

You could buy a box specifically for the purpose of turning it into a spell box, but if you are repurposing one, decorating it to make it special and attractive will connect you to the box in a deeper way.

It’s important that the box that you dedicate to this powerful work looks special and beautiful to you. If it’s ugly, you will think about that every time you look at it, and you won’t have faith in your magic.

Choose What to Put Into Your Magic Spell Box

Sit down and think of some of the biggest, brightest, and highest vibe things that you would like to bring into your life. They could be anything!

A few ideas might be finding your soulmate, getting promoted at work, or having the money to take a great vacation.

Gather some magazines and find photos and words that represent the things that you would like to manifest. You can also find these photos or words online and print them out.

For example, if you want to take a trip to Paris, you could find or type out the word “Paris” or get a photo of the Eiffel tower or a person having a glass of champagne at a Parisian sidewalk cafe. Find beautiful pictures and words that best represent things that you would like to bring in.

Create a Phrase to Bring Your Magic Spell Box Together

When you’re ready to make your magic really happen, gather together your photos or words and the box and speak your intention for the box out loud. Your words should be your own heartfelt sentiment, but they could be something like:

“This box will work day and night to manifest my dreams and desires,” or “Magic spell box, make my deepest desires a reality.”

You can also speak your intentions in a rhyming couplet if you’d prefer, as well.

“Magic spell box, bring to me

All the things that here I see.

These photos and words will lead me to

The wishes that will all come true.”

Whether you choose to chant in rhyme or speak from the heart, be sure to say some kind of opening words as to what you want the box to do.

Focus on Each Intention as You Put It in the Box

After speaking these introductory words, put the pieces of paper into the box one by one and say an intention of what you want each of them to do. Again, these are your heartfelt wishes, but they could be anything, like:

“I graduate with an MBA.”

“I have an amazing new boyfriend.”

“I happily receive a promotion and a raise.”

There is a powerful quality to speaking these words as if they are something you already have in your life right now.

As you put each one in, speak the intention with power and conviction.

Seal Your Box With a Final Magic Spell

Once you have finished putting all your wishes into your spell box, close it up and say some final words to seal the spell such as:

“Thank you magic spell box for making my wishes come true,” or “I can’t wait to see all these good things manifest in my life.”

What do you do with the box after you’ve closed it?

Once you’ve added the photos and words, put your magic spell box someplace that’s special but out of the way. The back of a closet, a bottom drawer, or on top of a bookshelf are the perfect kinds of spots.

The point is to set the spell in motion and then let it do its thing. Think of it like putting a cake in the oven and letting it bake.

Adding new wishes anytime is fine, but don’t be a helicopter parent to your dreams.

If you want to add some more intentions to your spell box, because maybe you decide that you want a trip to Paris and a trip to Indonesia, then of course, you can add a trip to Indonesia to the box. Just be sure to say your magic words as you do.

Adding wishes to the box at any time is fine. However, leave the wishes that are already in it alone.

Opening up the box every day and looking through the slips of paper and saying, “Well, I haven’t gotten that yet!” will do nothing except slow your magical roll.

Make Your Magic Spell Box an Annual Ritual

Leave the box in its special spot and then, a year after you made it, go through the slips of paper and look at all the amazing things that you manifested in that time period.

You could decide to make this an annual ritual, pulling out the photos and words of the things that you’ve manifested and adding new wishes to the box. Scheduling this work on a day that’s special, such as your birthday, New Year’s, or a holiday will give it even more power.

Get started with this practice when you feel ready to bring in real happiness and change in your life with a little magic. I know you’ll discover that you’re an even better manifester than you thought when you see all that you can create with some intention, trust, and time.

This article was written by Madame Pamita and was published on YourTango and Medium.

Listen to this Magic and the Law of Attraction podcast episode about making a magic spell box.

Give the Gift of 13 Magical Wishes

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Make Holiday Magic With 13 Magical Wishes​

Holidays are perfect for making magical wishes.

Holidays are the perfect time for making powerful and magical wishes and creating potent magical spells. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Winter Solstice, the New Year or other holidays throughout the year, these special days when many people’s energy is focused and intent on the spirit of peace, community, and giving are the perfect opportunity for creating a magical gift that you can give to your loved ones or to yourself.

Wish-of-the-Month club

Back in the ’80s and the ’90s, when I was a broke 20-something, I remember looking through Christmas catalogs at the extravagant gifts that could be purchased for your loved ones and wishing that I had the financial resources to give my friends and family something really special. I remember that there was one group of catalog gifts that fascinated me: The (fill in the blank)-of-the-Month club. Giving your loved one a gift of of membership in one of these clubs meant that you would be buying a subscription service where the recipient would be given a gift once a month for an entire year. A gift that gave all year long! What a magical thing! To top it off, it seemed like there was a club for aficionados of any stripe: There were Wine-of-the-Month Clubs, Fruit-of-the-Month Clubs, Beer-of-the-Month Clubs, even a Candle-of-the-Month Club.

The idea of giving a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year is so beautiful. It reminds us that the spirit of giving doesn’t happen just in winter, but can and should continue throughout the year.

Create a Year Long Gift of Wishes for your loved ones.

If there are loved ones on your holiday gift-giving list who you would like to remember throughout the year, there is a simple spell that you can do to create a gift that keeps on giving. You can also create this gift and give it to yourself to enjoy over the next solar cycle.

13 Wishing Walnuts Spell

  • Get 13 walnuts in their shells (for the next 13 New Moons).

  • Bless the walnuts by holding them one by one, closing your eyes and charging them with love and power.

  • Place these walnuts in a decorative bag and give them to your loved one.

  • Each walnut contains a New Moon wish for the year – at each New Moon, your recipient can hold the walnut, make a wish and then crack open the walnut and eat it to make that wish come true!

  • If you want to make your gift extra special, you may want to include a nutcracker and a paper with the simple instructions as well as a chart of the days of the New Moon.

Give the gift of real magic with a gift certificate for a session or merchandise from the Parlour of Wonders.

This article was written by Madame Pamita and was also published on YourTango and Medium.

Magical Rituals for New Year’s Wishes

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Magical rituals for new year

New Year’s Rituals for a Fabulous Year

The moment when we transition from the old year to the new one is the gateway from the old self into the new self. Gateways are powerful symbols in magic, myth and legend. Whether they are literal or figural, they are about leaving the former self behind and stepping in to something new and full of possibility.

We can treat the New Year’s Eve gateway in any number of ways: ignore it, that is to treat it as any other day; or treat it with contempt (“Another year, I’m sure it will be just as bad as last year”). However, as conscious creators, we can harness the power of this gateway to shed the old garments of the things that we want to leave behind (i.e. poverty, loneliness, sadness, illness, blocks, negativity) and array ourselves in the new garments of the life that we want to lead (happiness, health, wealth and prosperity).

New Year’s Intentions

Many people make New Year’s Resolutions at the turning of the year, but I prefer to make New Year’s Intentions – consciously setting the course for the year.  You can easily incorporate these rituals into your New Year’s gathering or perform them by yourself at home to bring in a year that brings you everything you desire.

You Are What You Wear

On New Year’s Eve, dress in clothes that reflect what you want for the New Year. Many people dress up to the nines on New Year’s Eve, and wearing dressy clothes that highlight our assets definitely can work to invite more love and more prosperity into our lives, but if you are going to a more casual gathering or staying close to home you have more options.

Wear Clothing That Reflects What You Want to Bring in

If your intention includes health or weight loss, then you might want to wear exercise clothes to strengthen your commitment or if you are looking for career success, dress up in an outfit reflecting success in the career you wish to have. For example, a client of mine wanted to start her own cake decorating business in the new year, so I suggested that she wear a chef’s toque and apron for her celebration with close family so that she would really charge her intention for making her business a reality.

Whether you choose to wear a business suit or a sparkly ball gown, the one thing that you do want to make sure of is that the clothes that you are wearing are new or clean – New Year’s Eve is no time to be dragging along the past with you in the form of old, dirty, stained or smelly clothes.

A Magical New Year’s Toast Spell

The New Year has 12 months, so a beautiful ritual to ring in the year on the right note is to make a group toast of 12 wishes right before midnight. Whether you are celebrating solo or in a large group, before the clock strikes 12, come up with a list of twelve wishes that you would like to bestow upon everyone present.

Instead of counting down till midnight, start 12 seconds before with a toast, calling for health, happiness, wealth, love, etc. saying one wish each second until you reach the stroke of midnight with a large, energetic “Happy New Year!”

Eat Some Lucky New Year’s Foods

Almost every culture has a lucky food that ensures health, wealth or happiness in the new year. Try incorporating some of these into your New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day menu to bring in good fortune for the year:

Cornbread – The golden hue of Southern cornbread is said to bring in gold (and therefore prosperity) for the new year

Fish – Eating a whole fish with the head and tail attached is a Chinese custom to bring in abundance for the year from start to finish and in Scandinavian and Northern European countries, eating pickled herring at the stroke of midnight is thought to bring in bounty for the coming year.

Greens – Greens such as Collards, Kale or Cabbage are eaten in the American South and various European countries on New Year’s day to bring in the growth of prosperity.

Hoppin’ John – This downhome dish from the American South is made up of black-eyed peas and rice is meant to bring in prosperity.

Lentils – In Italian culture, eating Lentils on New Year’s Day is believed to bring in good money luck because of their resemblance to little coins.

Long Noodles – In many Asian cultures, long noodles are eaten on New Year’s Day to bring in longevity

Pomegranate – In many Middle Eastern cultures, a pomegranate is eaten at the new year to bring in good health, fertility and prosperity.

Pork – Pigs represent good luck and therefore pig shaped candies, cookies or eating pork on New Year’s Day is thought to bring in good luck for the new year in many European countries.

Round Fruit – Eating 12 (or 13, if you live in the Philippines) round fruits like clementines on New Year’s day is thought to bring in luck for all 12 months.

Happy New Year to You!

Want to live a magical life everyday? Check out the Magic and the Law of Attraction podcast.

This article was written by Madame Pamita and was also published on YourTango and Medium.