How to Do a Candle Spell: Candle How-To Guide

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January Capricorn New Moon Success Pyramid Spell

Getting Started with Candle Spells

Are you just getting started in spells and witchcraft? Don’t yet know the right way to do a candle spell? I’ve written a book all about this topic called The Book of Candle Magic which has everything that you need to know. But if you want to get started right away, you’ve come to the right place. Check out this handy Candle How-To Guide I’ve made just for you.

Choosing a Candle for Your Spell

When it comes down to it, you can use any candle, even a birthday candle, to do spell work; but spell work is an art, and like any art, if you have the right tools it is much easier to create what it is that you envision.

Quality really does matter. I’ve worked with thousands of candles over the years and I love the candles that we create here at the Parlour of Wonders because they are what I like to call “witchcrafted” – created by magic workers and loaded with intention that supports your spell work.

When you choose the candle that is aligned with the work that you wish to do, you know that you are choosing a candle crafted with the correct colors to support your intention. Add some spiritual  oils and magical herbs that support the work and you ready to activate what it is that you desire. When you start out with the correct tools, you give your work an amazing burst of power.

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Are Beeswax Candles the Best for Your Spells?

Are the beeswax candles that we make here at the Parlour of Wonders the best for your spells? The short answer is yes. Of course any candle can be used for a quick spell, but if you have very important intentions that you want to amplify with positive energy, I recommend the candles we craft for you here at the Parlour of Wonders. Why? You truly are purchasing an empowered item for your spell.

To do your very best spell work, it is best to start with tools that are aligned with your intention. With our candles you get access to three times as much positive power in your spell. With a witchcrafted beeswax Parlour of Wonders candle you get the empowerment of the magical energy of the bees, the energy of our magical candlemakers as we craft a candle just for you, and the energy that you yourself put into your spell. A mass-produced paraffin candle can never compare with a lovingly hand-poured beeswax witch-made candle like the ones we make for you.

However, no matter what candle you choose for your spell, it is essential that it is a new candle, not one that you have burned before and especially not one that you have burned for another spell. You don’t want to confuse and dilute the energetic intention!

Beeswax Taper Candles

Choose a Candle Color That’s Perfect for Your Spell

When you choose a candle that is already dressed with oils and herbs and blessed for a certain outcome, you do not have to consider the importance of the color of the candle. But if you are choosing a pure beeswax figural, pillar, or taper candle and dressing it with oils and herbs yourself, you may want to choose a color that corresponds to your intention.

Here are candle colors and their corresponding intentions:

  • Green – Prosperity, money luck, growth, fertility, gambling luck, business, a good job, abundance
  • Red – Passionate love, energy, action, attraction, sexuality
  • White – Cleansing, clarity, blessing, healing, connection to spirits or the spiritual world, purity, rest
  • Black – Cursing, banishing, protection, reversing, repulsion, dark thoughts, sorrow, freedom from evil
  • Blue – Harmony, peace, calming, ideas, joy, kindly intentions, healing
  • Pink – Romantic love, friendship, sweet feelings, heart connection, affection, clean living
  • Purple – Empowerment, success, controlling, commanding, mastery, power, ambition
  • Lavender – Healing, calming, tranquility
  • Yellow – Optimism, prosperity, happiness, gambling luck, attraction
  • Orange – New opportunities, success, new ventures, change of plans, opening the way, prophetic dreams
  • Brown – Court case work, justice, balance, grounding
  • Gray – Neutrality, invisibility, working in “gray areas”

There are also double-action pillar candles that are half black and half another color. These special candles are used in reversing spells to send negativity back to its source and bring in blessings.

  • Black and White – Removing general negativity and bringing in blessings
  • Black and Red – Removing negativity surrounding passion and bringing in love
  • Black and Green – Removing negativity surrounding money and bringing in prosperity
  • Black and Blue – Removing negativity surrounding health and bringing in healing
  • Black and Pink – Removing negativity surrounding relationships and bringing in heart connection
  • Black and Purple – Removing negativity surrounding empowerment and bringing in mastery
  • Black and Yellow – Removing negativity surrounding happiness and bringing in optimism
  • Black and Orange – Removing blocked energy and bringing in success
  • Black and Brown – Removing negativity surrounding court cases and bringing in justice

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When Do I Light My Spell Candle?

My belief is that if you need a spell RIGHT NOW, then do your candle spell right away. But, if you can wait a few days to work with a time that aligns best with your intention, you can harness an extra boost of energy to add to your spell.

There are a few choices that you have when it comes to when to start your candle spell.

timing your candle spell to the phases of the moon

Working with Moon Phases

There are two basic phases of the moon that can be harnessed for candle magic: the waxing and the waning moon.

Waxing Moon

The time when the moon appears to be growing larger, from New (dark) Moon to Full Moon.

The Waxing Moon is the time to do spell work about invocation, attraction and bringing in; for example, attracting a lover or bringing in more abundance.

Waning Moon

The time when the moon appears to be growing smaller, from Full Moon to New (dark) Moon.

The Waning Moon is the time to do spell work about clearing, removing and banishing; for example, clearing out negativity and removing unhealthy patterns.

Some candle spells should ideally only be used at the Waning Moon (such as a Curse Reversal Spell) or Waxing Moon (such as a Lovers Passion Spell or Seven Treasures Spell) but others (such as a Change of Heart Spell) can be used at either time of the moon, either to release heartache or open your heart, for example.

If you are working with the waxing or waning moon, it is best to light your candle toward the early part of the moon phase and completely burn it before the phase of the moon completes. if you’re unsure of what phase the moon is in, check an online moon phase calendar for your area.

Ideally, to really create some powerful magic, do two candles working with the waning and then the waxing phase of the moon. First, use a clearing candle in the Waning Moon phase, clearing the way for something new and then, use a drawing candle to invite in what you want in the Waxing Moon phase.

Here are some examples:

Waning Moon – Removing poverty-thinking – Waxing Moon – Creating abundance

Waning Moon – Banishing self-limiting beliefs – Waxing Moon – Inviting success

Waning Moon – Clearing out old relationship baggage – Waxing Moon – Attracting a soulmate into your life

Using astrology to time your candle spells

Working with Astrological Phenomena

If you are familiar with astrology, you might want to coordinate your candle around the Moon, Sun or planets being in certain signs to enhance your work.

For example, you might want to do love work when Venus is in the sign of Cancer, professional success as a performer when the Sun is in Leo, or enemy work when Mars is in Aries.  The Moon goes through a new sign every couple of days, so it’s easier to coordinate an auspicious timing.

Astrology is a fascinating topic to explore and you can use even a basic knowledge to coordinate your candle work. 

days of the week can be used to time your candle spells

Working with Days of the Week

Traditional rootwork relies not on the phases of the moon or planets but on days of the week to coordinate when to light candles.

  • Sunday – Healing, blessing, general positive work, optimism
  • Monday – Women’s concerns, childbirth, fertility, psychic work, spiritual work, marriage
  • Tuesday – War work, enemy work, break ups, banishing, strength, health
  • Wednesday – Communication, business, travel, negotiations, faster results, gambling
  • Thursday – Power, wealth, success, money, business, legal issues
  • Friday – Love, sex, beauty, prosperity, business, admiration, creativity
  • Saturday – Enemy work, binding, blocking, clarifying, creating structure, revenge, justice

There are many more ways that you can choose a time to start a spell, but these three are the most popular.

Madame Pamita Free Community Altar

Altar Preparation

Prepare an altar space in your home on a small table or nightstand. Using water and a paper towel, wipe down the area of your table that you intend to use as an altar in a counter-clockwise motion, with the energy and intent that you are clearing space for your magical work. Arrange a pillar candle in a votive candle holder, jelly jar, or cup (anything that will contain the wax as it melts). Place a figural candle on a tray or dish large enough to contain the wax that will melt. Taper candles can be placed in candle holders or affixed to a dish or tray by softening the wax on the bottom.

Once you’ve arranged your candles, add anything else that represents the focus of your spell on the altar in a way that is pleasing to you. You can add gemstones, incense, candle snuffers, cauldrons, or bells for extra magical support for your spell.

Candle Preparation

For all candles (except Vigil Candles) unwrap the candle removing all paper and plastic. Sit with the candle in your hands and meditate on your intent. If you are working with a free-standing candle, take a nail, wax inscriber, pencil, knife or some sharp object and carve words representing this work into the sides of the candle. You may choose to inscribe it in a downward motion from wick to base for a clearing candle or in an upward motion from base to wick for an invoking candle.

Dress your candle with an appropriate oil, stroking it in a downward motion for clearing or an upward motion for invoking. After dressing your candle, you are ready for the spell. (For more information on working with Spiritual Oils, go to my “Spiritual Oils How To Guide“)

 For Vigil Candles, which are already dressed and blessed, just remove the lid and sit with the candle in your hands and meditate on your intent.

lighting a spell candle


Lighting Your Candle

Place your candle in the holder or on the tray. Light incense that is pleasing to you and use it to clear the energies surrounding you and your altar space.

Pray, chant, sing to focus your energy before you light your candle. When you feel ready, light your candle and speak your spell words.

using a snuffer to put out a candle


Candle Maintenance

Your candle will need to be put out when you leave your house or go to sleep, but the effectiveness will remain if you snuff your candle instead of blowing it out. When you need to snuff your candle, use a shotglass, cup, dish, candle snuffer or pinch out the candle with moist fingers. Do not blow out the candle.

When you relight your candle, repeat the key message from your spell in a few words or a sentence. Repeating the focused words from your spell will actually help empower it and keep the energy high.

Correcting Candle Problems

Whenever you are doing a candle for spellwork, you are working to shift something to go in your favor; therefore, you want to work to make the candle comply with your wishes. The ideal candle burn is for a candle to burn with a middle-sized flame, not too high and smoky and not so small that it goes out. If your flame is too high, trim the candle wick to about 1/4″ tall. If the flame is too low or the flame goes out, pour off some of the excess wax so that the wick is a little taller.

If you are working with more than one candle, such as two figural candles, and burning them over the course of several days, the ideal is that they burn at about the rate. If one candle is burning faster than the other, snuff the faster burning one out earlier than the slower one and let the slower one catch up.

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Candle Interpretation

One of the wonderful things about a candle spell is that it can give you feedback from the spirit realm as to what to expect from your spell. The primary way to interpret candle remains are to look for soot or smoke on the glass (if applicable), to look for excess candle wax and to read the candle wax remains.

For Vigil Candles and Candle Burned in Glass Holders:

Black soot or smoke indicates spiritual blockages around your intention. The amount of soot indicates the level of blockage (a small amount indicates small blockages, a lot of soot indicates heavy blockages). Re-do your spell again or start with a candle dressed with Energetic Purification oil, Block Buster oil or Open Roads oil to remove spiritual blocks and then, when this cleansing candle has burned cleanly and completely, light another candle for your original intention. Additionally, you may want to enhance your work by doing a series of cleansing baths on yourself with Energetic Purification Bath Crystals.

Grey or white smoke indicates that your spirit guides are surrounding you on this issue and would like to help you with your situation. If you would like more help connecting to guides, listen to Magic and the Law of Attraction podcast episodes 9 and 10.

Wax remaining in the bottom of the glass indicates that there is material world work and effort that needs to be done to support your outcome. Wax burned completely indicates that there is no extra work or effort that has to be done on your part.

A broken glass indicates that someone is working against you having your good outcome or that breakups and banishing work has been effective.

Looking at any candle remains such as wax, glitter, or herbs, you can see shapes or symbols which can be interpreted as you would interpret tea leaves in a tea leaf reading

Parlour of Wonders Vigil Candle Altar


For Free-Standing Candles on Plates or Trays:

Wax spilling over the side of the tray or dish indicates that you are revealing too much in the situation – either too much information or too much emotion.

Wax “pillars” standing up indicate blockages or areas that need your attention – large or tall wax pillars indicate large blockages, short ones indicate small blocks. Many pillars indicate many blocks, a few indicate only a few hurdles. Wax pillars that were standing at one time but have fallen over by the end of the spell indicate blockages that have been removed or overcome through the spellwork.

Excess wax drowning your candle flame before it has burned completely indicates that there is material world work and effort that needs to be done to support your outcome. Wax burned completely indicates that there is no extra work or effort that has to be done on your part.

A broken dish or tray indicates that someone is working against you having your outcome.

Looking at any candle remains, you can see shapes or symbols which can be interpreted as you would interpret tea leaves in a tea leaf reading.

If you are working with a figural candle, you can see any particular parts of the candle that remain as a message also. For example, if the feet are remaining, you interpret that symbolically as you need to get your “foot in the door” or you’ve got your “feet on the ground” or that you need a “better footing” in the situation or that you are “standing on your own two feet.”

Candle Wax Reading


Candle Spell Completion

When your candle has completely burned down, you may choose to recycle the entire glass container with the wax in it. However, if you would like to reuse the holder, take any remaining wax out of the holder. This can be done by placing the holder in hot water or by placing your holder (if it’s oven safe) in an oven set at the very lowest setting (usually “Warm”).  Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer to soften the wax in the glass. Once the wax is soft, it may be scooped out or even wiped out with a paper towel.

You may dispose of the leftover candle wax by throwing it in the trash (your own trash if the spell was to bring something to you or a trashcan away from your home if you were doing uncrossing or banishing work), however, if you would like to dispose of your candle in a more ceremonious way, you have several options:

  • If you have been working with an invoking candle, you may keep it in a bag and place it in an appropriate place (such as your bedroom for a love spell or your office for a prosperity spell) until your spell comes to fruition.
  • Alternatively, you may bury it on your property or in a potted plant in your home or workplace.
  • You might want to form the leftover wax into symbols such as hearts or dollar signs and place these wax talismans on your altar or add a small piece of the wax to a mojo bag.
  • You can also soften the wax with a hair dryer and use it to form a poppet or doll baby.
  • For an uncrossing or banishing candle, you may want to bury it somewhere away from your home or bury it in a graveyard.
  • You can also leave it in a crossroads, that is, leave the spell remains in the center of a quiet intersection where two roads cross.

In any case, once your candle has burned completely, your spell work is complete. Your work now is to envision, expect and receive the positive results.

Leo Legendary Fame Spell

How Long Does It Take a Spell to Work?

How long it takes for a spell to work depends on the circumstances surrounding the situation. Often, more challenging situations require a longer time to turn around. I was taught, as a general rule, to look for three signposts indicating that your spell worked: Message, Movement and Manifestation.


A message for a spell is a signal from your guides, deities, or the universe, telling you in some way that you’re on the right track. A message is a small positive sign (such as hearing a special song on the radio, seeing a word on a billboard, a special number on a clock or seeing a symbol of some kind) within three days of completing your spell work. Keep your eye open for these special spiritual messages that come from the otherworld.


Movement is an event which moves you slightly closer toward your goal. For example, movement could be getting a like from your target on your social media or for a job to call you in for an interview. Movement is not the end result but it’s a step toward your end result. Look for movement toward your goal within three weeks of finishing your candle spell.


Manifestation is your final outcome. The manifestation of your spell should occur within three months of completing your candle spell. If, at any point, you are not seeing one of these messages, movement, or manifestation, then you probably have to go back and give your intention more energy, employ a new strategy, light another candle or do some more spiritual work around your situation.

Think about this: not every disease is cured with one dose of medicine; sometimes it requires another dose and sometimes several – the same is true for spiritual work. If you would like to know more specific timing for your particular case or a spiritual assessment of how challenged the situation is, I recommend getting a tarot reading with a trusted reader.

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How to Use Box Spells for Manifestation

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pandoras box is an example of a containment spell

The universe wants to hand you a great big gift and it’s all wrapped up in a box. In this article you’ll learn about the magic of boxes, box spells, and more. If you’d like, you can check out this article as a podcast by subscribing to Magic and the Law of Attraction. Or you can check out a video of the podcast at the bottom of this page!

You may know about bottle spells, bag spells, and charm bags. Box spells are their own category of spells and they have a very magical energy.

Key Concepts About Box Spells

There are some key concepts that go along with box spells. Keep these concepts in mind when devising a spell. Once you understand them you can create effective box spells. The first key concept is concealment.

Box Spells Include an Element of Concealment

Box spells have an air of secrecy around them. Have you shaken a gift wrapped box to guess what the present is inside? That concealment is delightful. That concealment also keeps out prying eyes. If you need to keep your magic a secret for some reason, a box spell is a great fit. A box spell is a wonderful way of keeping prying eyes away from what you’re working on magically.

Encapsulation is Key With Box Spells

Box spells also have an element of encapsulation. Think of encapsulation as creating a protective bubble around something: you’re taking something and you’re wrapping it up. When you encapsulate your spell, you’re keeping in what’s meant to be there and keeping out what isn’t. Keep this in mind when crafting your box spells!

Boxes Represent Structure

Another aspect of box spells is structure. Most boxes have four sides. That number four is important in magic. Think of the four seasons. Consider the four directions. Remember the four elements. We see that four show up time and time again. In numerology four represents structure. If you need to do a protection spell you can put something inside the box and symbolically protect it from the outside world.

Or we can put something in a box and protect the outside world from what’s inside. Think about, for example, “Pandora’s Box.” In that legend all the evils of the world were contained in a box. Which leads us into our last key concept, containment.

Containment Magic is Powerful

The last concept may be the most important when talking about box spells, and that is containment. A box spell is a container spell. Like a genie in a bottle, we are keeping something inside so that we can have control over it. It can also be about us holding it together, or having healthy boundaries. The main point of a box spell is that the magic won’t dissipate or diminish. It’s really holding something for the long-term.

How Box Spells Differ From Other Types of Magic

Box spells can be very different from some other kinds of magic. They tend to be about longer term work more than many other spells. Think about a cleansing bath. We do that at the moment we need to cleanse something and then go back to our life until our next cleanse. With a candle spell, we light a candle, we send the energy out there and we give it a big burst of power, like sending off a rocket of desire. But a box spell is for longevity. Something that you want to hold on to and keep the energy going, day after day. Some examples of what topics could be good for a box spell are:

  • Commitment
  • Protection
  • Prosperity
  • Peace in the home
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Well-being

Different Kinds of Boxes

There are many different types of boxes you can use in your box spell magic. Of course, you can use a little cardboard box or maybe a box that some special jewelry came in. An ornate box could also work great or a regular cardboard box that you would prefer to keep hidden and put away. And, you can also use cigar boxes.

Creating Box Spells With Cigar Boxes

Cigar boxes are amazing. I love working with a cigar box for a box spell for two reasons. First, it’s got room for quite a few things. Second, it’s got that old-time feel. Using a cigar box always reminds me of the 1920s and 1930s, a period of time that I’m in love with.

We can think about that cigar box as giving that old-time flavor. Cigar boxes are pretty sturdy as well and you can use them for many, many years. I have cigar boxes that belonged to my dad. He didn’t smoke cigars, but he used them for decades for storing nuts and bolts in his garage. I have some of those that I keep and they’re precious to me because my dad used them.

Cigar boxes can last a long time, they’re super sturdy, and they have that nice little flap that opens and closes. You can turn a cigar box into an altar or just a place to store magical items. That can be a lovely way to work with them.

Wooden Boxes for box spells in the shape of a heart

Working With Wooden Boxes

Another kind of box you might think about is a wooden box. Now, cigar boxes are often wood boxes but you can get other kinds of wooden boxes. These include treasure chests, engraved boxes, decorated boxes, or boxes with a hinge or lid on it. There are some very beautiful wooden boxes out there that you can work with!

A ceramic box that can be used for spells

Working With Ceramic Boxes

Ceramic boxes can also be perfect for box spells. That’s one that people don’t often think of. So those little trinket boxes, those little china boxes that you get, can be really lovely for a box spell. Best of all they look beautiful when put out and nobody needs to know what’s inside. You put your spell work inside, and it can just look beautiful on a shelf or on an altar, and so on.

Other Types of Boxes for Box Spells

I have seen candles that are actually boxes. Yes, it’s true. There are candles created with a hollow interior and you could put things inside. That combines a candle spell with a box spell, but you could just use that wax box by itself without burning the candle.

Jewelry boxes can also be transformed into spell boxes as well. So you might find one at a junk store or thrift store. You may not want to use it for your jewelry but you can use it for a box spell. If it has a little musical music box in there, then you can add yet another magical element to your spell!

Another super-out-there creative kind of box are edible boxes. You might have seen boxes made from chocolate or sugar. Those are perfect for spells where you wish to sweeten something, for example.

So start to get creative and think about different kind kinds of boxes that you can use for your box spells, not just a cardboard box.

What to Put Inside of Your Box Spell

So once you’ve got the box that you’re going to be working with, we have to think about what we’re going to put in those boxes. There are so many things that you can put into a box. Remember that the box spell has the essence of something that’s going to be long-lasting. So you don’t want to put something in the box that’s going to go bad like food.

When thinking of putting something in a box, the first thing that springs to my mind is a petition paper. You can write out a petition of what it is that you want and what it is that you want the box to do. Petition papers can be as simple as you writing out your wish and putting that paper in the box. That’s it. But you can also get very elaborate with your petition papers.

The Magic Wishing Box Spell

One of my favorite spells is the magic wishing box. I talk about this in Episode One of my Magic and the Law of Attraction podcast, “How Does Magic Work?” At the end of it, I give a recipe for doing a magic wishing box. All the wishing box is, is a box that you’re putting in slips of paper with your wishes on them. These can be petitions, images, pictures or keywords, anything that represents what you want to manifest. That box becomes the place to manifest the things that you want.

Now, you can add more than petition papers. You can add more to it – things like crystals or herbs and roots can go into a magic spell box. Dried herbs, dried roots are the ones that you want to use in this case. You don’t want something getting moldy and rotten in there. So you can put something that’s already dried inside.

You can also add talismans, things like coins or charms. The sky is the limit when it comes to the ideas of things that you can put in your spell box as long as they’re things that will be long-lasting.

So, when we think about a general box spell, what do we do with it? We put our petitions of what we want, add a few crystals, put in a few herbs that support our intention….now, what do we do with it?

treasure chests can be box spells

What To Do with Your Box Spell

The first place that comes to mind for putting a spell box is on an altar. If you have that cute little box, you can put it out on your altar. Your spell is going to marinate and charge up on that altar. The more time you spend working at your altar, the more energy and magical power your spell gets.

You can also keep it somewhere in the home that’s hidden. You might want to put it away in a drawer so that nobody else sees it or knows about it, or you might want to put it in a place where that seems appropriate to the spell.

You might want to have a box spell for abundant business and keep it someplace at work. A box spell for love and attraction could be stored in your bedroom. You can hide it away in a drawer, cupboard, or closet where it is safe from others.

treasure chests can also be box spells

Burying a Box Spell

You could also bury a box spell to keep it extra safe. You can bury it on your own property or bury it on someone else’s property if you’re working on another person. If you wanted to do a spell to bring prosperity into your home, bury your box in the front yard to invite abundance into your home. If you have prosperity and you want to keep that prosperity, then bury it in your backyard where it’s going to stay. Dig a little hole, bury it there, and then set it and forget it. There’s your box spell for all eternity until some archeological dig finds it ages from now!

You can also give a box spell away to someone. Either tell them not to open it, or let them open it if you’re giving it to them freely. Either way let them know what’s inside and what it’s for. Such as “I made this box spell for you to have peace in your home.” Or, “I made this magic box so that you have a prosperous business.” “Congratulations on your new job. I want you to have success. Here’s your box spell. Put this in your drawer at work.” That can be an entirely other way to work with a box spell.

The Treasure Chest Spell Box

A favorite of mine is the treasure chest spell. Pirates would gather loot together and put in the treasure chest. They would then bury it somewhere for safekeeping until they could come back and get it at a later time. You can do a treasure chest spell as well. Put your treasures (treasured talismans, coins, your special lucky, charm, etc) inside of a chest and then put it on your altar.

I always think in a treasure chest spell, it looks great to have a box that has that rounded top like a treasure chest. This will really amplify your work. That shape alone invites abundance in. Once you put those magical things in there and get them charged up and going, that magic is going to take off.

Creating Mirror Box Spells

A mirror box is a reversing spell, or it can also be a reflection spell. Mirrors in magic reflect back what’s sent out, so if you look in a mirror and you say to yourself, “You got this,” that is reflected back to you. That’s a real positive, reflective spell.

But we can also face the mirrors the other way and reflect or deflect something negative. That’s another way of working with mirrors. We can use a mirror box to contain someone who’s troubling us. Let all their negative energy bounce off the mirrors and back on them. That’s a reversing spell.

So here’s what you need to do a mirror box spell:

The beeswax is important because you’ll want to create a poppet representing the person, yourself or someone else, who you want to reflect the energy back to.

You can do this spell for yourself if you’d like. You could magnify your success or amplify your good luck. If that’s what you want you’ll make the poppet represent yourself, and put good luck items in the box with it.

Another powerful way to work is to use a mirror spell to deflect negative energy. It’s clean and easy. You’re not doing anything malefic or harmful to anyone else. You are redirecting their negativity away from you and back to the source.
So create a poppet and then use a glue gun to glue mirror tiles to the inside of the box. It’s almost like you’re creating a little house of mirrors in there. Once those have cooled and dried, you place the poppet inside the box and close it.

What to Do With Your Finished Mirror Box Spell

You don’t want to keep a reversing box spell in your home, you want to bury it. Traditionally we would take this mirror box spell and bury it in a graveyard. But you could also bury it anywhere off of your property where it won’t be found.

So, there you have it. A bunch of delicious ways that you can use box spells to make some amazing, long-lasting magic.

If you’d like to get the full podcast, you can listen to Magic and the Law of Attraction or you can watch the original video of the podcast below.

Here are some of our favorite offerings that we have here at the Parlour of Wonders to help you with your box spells.

Hand Blown Glass Hanging Heart Box 

This beautiful box is made from real hand-blown mercury glass embellished with sparkling seed beads, glitter and rhinestones and hangs from a velvet ribbon.

Heart Shaped Wooden Love Spell Box

These rustic wooden boxes are perfect for holding your love charms, secrets and spells. These sweet boxes can even nest one inside the other if you’d like to triple the effect of holding your love spells securely.

Lucky Horseshoe Ceramic Spell Box 

A teeny tiny ceramic spell box to put your most precious spellwork. Write your wishes, affirmations, dreams and spells on a slip of paper and place inside the box to bring yourself good luck of all kinds.

How To Begin Casting Herbal Magic Spells

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Get Started Doing Herbal Magic Spells

Spells, charms, incantations… A lot of people want to start casting spells but they are not sure where or how to get started. The most earthy and magical ways of doing magic is through using the power of the natural world around us, and one of the easiest ways to tap into this magic is through the power of plants.

Understand the History of Herbal Magic Spells

Before there was candle magic, before there were spell kits, before there were videos, podcasts and even books about magic, people handed down what they learned about working magically from teacher to student. Back in the old days, people didn’t see the sharp delineation between spells and medicine. If you were sick, they might treat you for both the physical symptoms and, if they believed that there was a spiritual cause of the illness, for that as well.

Herbalism and Magic

Back before there was a pharmacy or even a medical system, there were herbalists who used the power of plants to heal (or even to harm!). These herbalists understood the power of plants not only to create changes to the body when applied or taken internally but also the power of these plants to make changes spiritually. To the herbalists, there was no real difference between using willow bark to relieve pain and using rose petals to attract love.

Today, we might take a pill to effectively address our health issues but natural herbs can still be quite useful when it comes to health and magic.

Is It Hard To Do Herbal Magic Spells?

One of the things I hear from people just starting doing magic is, “Do I have to find or buy rare herbs to start doing herbal magic spells?” Actually, you don’t. I’m going to show you three ways to get started doing Herbal Magic that will not break your bank.

Get a Book on Herbal Magic

The easiest place to start is to get a book on the magical uses of herbs. Some of the books I recommend are Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic, and Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic. These books will start you on your path to doing spellwork by giving you some brief guidelines on each of the principle herbs of magic.

For example, these spell books will tell you what kinds of spells the herbs are used for and even some examples as to how they have been used by magicians in the past. They won’t give you step-by-step guidance, but if you are doing a spell for prosperity, for example, they will give you some suggestions on what herbs are used in prosperity spells and you can take it from there.

If you just want a simple guide (And are interested in adding herbs to your candle spells in particular) my book, The Book of Candle Magic (due out October 2020), has an appendix with lists of herbs based on their magical usage. For example, you’ll find a list of herbs used for attracting a new relationship and another list of herbs for building a commitment. If you don’t want to study and memorize what herbs are used for what magical purpose, this appendix can come in really handy alongside the more in-depth books I listed above.

Supermarket Herbal Magic

You can get some rare and magical herbs at magic shops like my online emporium, The Parlour of Wonders, but did you know you can also get perfectly good herbs for magic at your local store or farmer’s market? I call this kind of magic “Supermarket Magic” — finding amazing magical tools in everyday places.

Looking in the spice section of your market, you can find a lot of herbs that are great for magic. However, you can also find great herbal spell tools in the tea section (for example Chamomile tea can be used for prosperity spells) or in the fresh produce department.

And, while it’s not an herb per se, don’t pass up the magic of salt! If you’re in a fancy natural food store, you can also scope out the beauty and herbal supplement aisle for some plant magic. And don’t forget the essential oils section for some concentrated magical power! (Be sure to check out my blog post on Essential Oils Witchcraft on how to use essential oils in all kinds of spells).

All Plants are Magic

One of the things that I always remind students is that all plants are magic. Not just the ones that are listed in books, but every single plant out there — from a blade of grass a giant Sequoia tree, from a piece of lichen to a kelp forest. It’s all magic.

Are all plants listed in magical books? Many of the most popular and common plants  are, but in reality most herb magic books only scratch the surface on the over 300,000 plant species that there are in the world. Just because someone hasn’t written about it in a book, doesn’t mean it’s not magic. It’s just that its magic is waiting to be discovered and you are the perfect person to do that.

Make Friends With Some Magic Plants

So, how do you tap into that magic. First, spend some time with some plants. Go out for a walk in nature, get into your yard and garden, grow a succulent from a cutting, plant some herbs in a pot on your windowsill. You can’t develop a friendship without spending time with someone, and the same is true with plants.

As you spend time growing these plants, first start by talking to them. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with that, then start listening to what they have to say to you. I don’t mean that the plants will start conversing back, but if you open your mind and your intuition, you may start getting messages from the plants. Once you have established that plant communication, you can start asking them what kind of spells they can help you with and take it from there.

Start Your Herbal Magic Spell Casting Now!

Whatever kind of magic you do, herbs are bound to be a part of it at some point. Don’t be afraid to get started on your path today. Go for a walk outside, look at what you have in your backyard or on your windowsill and begin to do your herbal magic today.

Check out the complete selection of magical herbs at the Parlour of Wonders.

This article was written by Madame Pamita and has also been published on YourTango and Medium.

Things to Know Before Getting Started With Witchcraft

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7 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Started With Witchcraft

Are you getting interested in knowing more about witchcraft and not quite sure how to get started? Then you are in the right place! In this article, I’m going to dispel (or maybe dis-spell, ha ha) some of the myths and misconceptions about witchcraft so you can get started on your magical path.

Witchcraft Is Not a Religion

There are lots of funky information out there telling you that witchcraft is a religion. There is no religion of witchcraft and in fact every religion has some sort of branch that has magical elements to it. There are some religions like Wicca that put witchcraft at the center of their beliefs, but there are also plenty of Christian witches, Jewish witches, Muslim witches, Buddhist witches, Secular Humanist witches, New Thought witches and even Atheist witches!

You don’t need to be a Wiccan to be a witch and you can follow the faith of your choosing or no faith at all and still practice witchcraft. Witchcraft is the belief that you can shift or shape reality with the force of your will and the optional assistance of Spirit or deities.

If you’re new to witchcraft don’t feel pressured to drop any spiritual beliefs you currently may or may not have or take on any beliefs that you don’t align with. You can be who you are now and still practice witchcraft.

There Is Not Just One Kind of Witch

Even within the practice of witchcraft there are lots of paths that you can choose. For example, you could be a hedge witch, a kitchen witch, a ceremonial magician, a shaman, a rootworker, a chaos magician, an eclectic witch, or a witch who doesn’t identify with any of these paths.

There are so many different schools of witchery and each path has certain practices and characteristics that more or less define it. For example, faerie witches are nature and animal focused, and hereditary witches come from families where witchcraft is practiced. The Weiser Field Guide to Witches has a great overview of different witchcraft paths. You can start your explorations there and if you find a path that appeals to you, get books that teach you more about the ways of that path.

However, don’t feel like you have to follow someone’s rules about your spiritual practice. You might take a little bit from here and a little bit from there or come up with your own method of witchcraft. Just begin an exploration and see what’s closest to your own beliefs.

People of Any Gender Can Be Witches

There is a misconception that only women can be witches. This isn’t true at all. People anywhere on the gender spectrum identify as witches. If you want to be a witch, you can be one.

There Is No One Right Way to Practice Witchcraft

You might encounter some witches who claim that their way is the only correct way. I say, “Pish posh!” If I wanted a bunch of rules like that, I would join a fundamentalist religion! There are lots of ways to practice witchcraft and what works for me might work for you or it might not work for you. It doesn’t mean that my way is right and yours is wrong.

And while might say that there are no right ways and wrong ways to practice witchcraft, I do find that there are some generally agreed upon tools and techniques. For example, most witches around the world would agree that rose petals are great for love spells. How you use those rose petals may vary between different witches, but you will find some wisdom in the agreed upon basics.

You Don’t Need to Go to Hogwart’s

You don’t need to get a certificate, go to witch school, get inducted into a group, be a part of a coven, or be ordained to practice witchcraft. You can learn on your own through trial and error, practicing with friends, reading books, watching how to videos on YouTube, listening to podcasts, taking workshops or classes, or becoming an apprentice. However, there is no test for you to pass to see if you are a witch or not.

I love to learn and am constantly buying books and going to conferences and workshops to learn more about magic and divination, but those things don’t make me a witch, they just make me a smarter and more skillful magic practitioner. You can begin to practice witchcraft whenever you feel ready to make some changes in your life.

That being said, there are some paths of witchcraft that have initiations and levels of learning. If you choose one of those paths, you will have more formal instruction and levels to pass, but just know that that is not true for all witchcraft paths.

Spells Don’t Backfire

There is a popular misconception that if you do a spell “wrong” that you will not only not get what you want but that it will make things worse than before you started your spell. This is simply untrue. When a spell goes wrong because something goes wonky, you’ll just get no result.

The thing to do when that happens is to either try the spell over again or try a different kind of spell for your aims. (If you want to know more about what to do when spells go haywire, check out my ebook “Seven Secrets to Supercharge Your Spellwork.” You can purchase it here or get it free by signing up to be a member of the Spell Squad).

You Don’t Need Fancy Tools to Get Started

Sometimes, you might find information out there that says you need purchase tools, books, classes, ritual wear, or other things to be a witch. Witchcraft is not a commodity. You don’t need a fifteen pound amethyst crystal, a handcrafted ebony wand, or take an expensive course to be a witch. These things are lovely (I do love a fancy candle or magic tool myself and have definitely splurged on books) but they are not necessary to be a witch.

Some of the most powerful magic I’ve ever done has been created with my connection to nature, the stars, the moon and my own thought. So, don’t think that you have to have expensive accessories to start doing magic.

Get Started With Your Witchcraft Practice

Hopefully I’ve used my witch’s broom to sweep away some of the misconceptions you may have had about not being ready or good enough or qualified to practice witchcraft. Every witch has been a beginner at some point so don’t feel like you have to be an expert before you start. Jump in, do a spell, tell a fortune or just make yourself a love potion with a cup of tea. Make some magic and have some fun!

Want to begin making magic? A spell kit has everything you need to get started!

This article was written by Madame Pamita and has also been published on YourTango and Medium.

Teas As Magical Potions

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How to Turn Tea Into a Magic Potion

Join Me in a Cup of (Magical) Tea?

Everyone knows that tea leaf reading is a magical act of divination but did you know that drinking teas themselves can be a great way to do magic? Yes, teas are really the magic potions we read about in fairy tales! Tea leaves and certain herbs have been recognized for their magical, as well as medicinal, qualities throughout the ages and can be made into teas or tisanes (herbal infusions) to bring in improved conditions. The difference between your regular cuppa and a tea spell is in the intention. Putting thought, words and will into your tea can make it a magical potion that will transform your life!

Want to get started right away? Check out my simple quick-start guide to making a love potion with ingredients you have in your kitchen cupboard.

Here Are My Steps to Making a Truly Magical Potion Out of Your Tea

  • First, I put fresh spring water into a kettle or saucepan.

  • Next, while I’m waiting for the water to boil, I concentrate on the intention of my spell.

  • While I’m waiting for the water to boil (and focusing on my spell), I put my herbs in a tea pot or infuser.

  • Next, I pour the boiling water into the teapot or the cup with the infuser. As I do, I ask the herbs to do their work and say these words with loving conviction. For example, with a mint tea I would say something like, “Mint, clear away my blocks to prosperity and protect my money.”

  • I hold my hands in the steam over the cup or teapot and focus my intention on my spell. I then let the herbs steep for a magical number of minutes: 3, 5, 7, 9, 13 or 21 (for green teas, the recommended steeping time is 1-2 minutes; for black teas, 3 minutes; for herbal tisanes, you can choose any number of minutes).

  • Finally, I pour the tea or tisane into my cup or pull the infuser out of my cup. As I let the infusion cool a little, I often talk to the herbs, having a little “conversation,” telling the story of what the brew will do for me. For example, I might say something like, “Mint, when you work for me, you will help me to find the money to pay for my bills and have some extra money for fun. You will help open my flow of prosperity and bring good opportunities to me so that I can be more abundant. You’ll protect what I have so that I don’t lose money to broken equipment or unexpected expenses.” I will let this monologue go on for several minutes, telling the herb all the ways that it will help me.

  • By the time I’ve finished the conversation, the tea/tisane will have cooled to the point that I can drink it. It has been imbued with all the words of intention, all the thoughts and all my will. This is truly a magic potion.

  • At this point, the infusion is ready. I close my eyes and, sip by sip, I drink it all in and feel the power of the magic permeating my body.

There Are Many Magical Herbs That Can Be Made into Teas and Tisanes

While most people are familiar with mint tea or chamomile tea (and both of these are powerfully magical herbs) there are so many more herbs that can be made into magical potions!

Just a warning, some of them taste amazing and some of them… not so much. You can always add a sweetener (and honey itself has its own magical qualities) but don’t be afraid of drinking something a little bitter. After all, a truly magical potion might require you to have courage!

While these herbs are safe for most people, it’s common sense that if you are pregnant or have a medical condition to consult with a medical practitioner and do your research before ingesting anything. If you are looking for a place to purchase these herbs or would like some detailed information in how to use them magically, click on the name of the herb and it will take you directly to the specific herb in our store.

Agrimony – for protection and spiritual cleansing

Alfalfa – to bring in greater prosperity

Angelica Root – For protection and to communicate with higher entities

Anise Seed – To open up psychic ability and remove jinxes

Basil – for happiness and peace – also used by witches for flying

Bay Laurel – for victory in competitive situations

Bergamot (Earl Grey tea) – for empowerment and courage

Borage – for happiness and courage

Burdock Root – for uncrossing and protection

Cacao Bean – for happiness and joie de vivre

Calendula – for financial luck and court case success

Cardamom – to draw a new lover

Catnip – to draw a lover closer

Celery Seed – for psychic awareness and lust spells

Chamomile – for gambling luck and money drawing

Chrysanthemum – for spiritual protection

Cinnamon – to heat up luck in money or love

Clove  – for stopping gossip and creating friendships

Coriander – for faithful love

Cornflower – for peace and tranquility

Cubeb Berries – to attract a new love

Damiana – for sensuality and passion

Dandelion Root – For opening up intuition and psychic awareness

Dill Seed – for luck in love and successful court cases

Elderflower – for uncrossing, protection and healing

Eucalyptus – spiritual cleansing, healing and protection

Ginger – for fiery protection or heating up love or money luck

Hibiscus – for lust and passion

Hyssop – for spiritual purification and healing

Jasmine – for spiritual love and dream work

Job’s Tears – for wishing, luck and healing

Juniper Berries – for new love and better sex

Lavender – for luck in love and tranquility

Lemongrass – to remove negativity and bring in good luck

Lemon Verbena – to clear negativity and create an aura of glamor

Licorice – for power and control over others

Life Everlasting – for contacting the spirit world and healing

Lovage Root – for luck in love and sex

Marjoram – for committed love and a peaceful home

Master of the Woods – for power, respect and mastery

Mint (Spearmint or Peppermint) – for spiritual purification and to protect prosperity

Mugwort – for psychic awareness and safe travel

Nutmeg – for prosperity and gambling luck

Patchouli – for prosperity, sensual love and spiritual cleansing

Periwinkle – for happy and harmonious love

Red Clover – for happily committed love

Rosemary – for peacefulness, beauty and feminine power

Rose Petals – for love, romance and passion

Sarsaparilla – for healing, prosperity and sexual love

Sassafras – for prosperity and abundance

Solomon’s Seal Root – for wisdom and success

Spikenard – for committed love

Sunflower Petals – for fame and success

Wintergreen – for good money luck and improving sexual matters

Wormwood – for otherworldly contacts and protection when traveling

Yarrow – for courage and for a happy marriage

Yellow Dock – for wealth and a prosperous business

Advanced Tea and Tisane Spells

The beautiful thing about teas and tisanes are that they can be easily blended.

When you are just starting out making these magical potions, you may just want to focus on one herb for your brew, but as you get more experienced, you may want to blend herbs for combined intentions.

When you brew a blend of more than one herb, speak to each of the herbs that you are working with individually and ask them to do their special work.

You may choose any number of herbs to blend but, if you like, you might choose a magical number of herbs: 3, 5, 7 or 9

These are just a few examples of blends that work well together but let your intuition and creativity guide you.

BasilCacao Beans and Clove – for happy new friendships

SarasaparillaHyssop and Eucalyptus – for profound spiritual healing

SpikenardYarrow and Rose Petals – for a romantic and committed love

ChamomileSassafras and Alfalfa – for powerful prosperity and good money luck

This list of herbs is by no means exhaustive and really only scratches the surface of the magic of using teas as magical potions.

Ready to start your tea potion magic? Check out the complete selection of Parlour of Wonders herbs.

This article was written by Madame Pamita and has also been published on YourTango and Medium.

A Magic Potion to Make Your Party the Best EVER!

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A Magic Potion to Make Your Party the Best

Serve Up a Little Magic and Make Your Home Happy for the Holidays

It’s the time of year that friends and family get together for the holidays. While we all dream of those idyllic scenes where everyone gets together in joy and happiness, the reality is that most gatherings (especially when it comes to family) could use a little help to get to that place. I’m going to give you a spell that you can do with simple ingredients to make things magically harmonious when everybody gets together.

Christmas Magic in London

A little backstory on this. In 2013, I was lucky enough to take a trip to England in November with my friend Alyssa. Before I went, I remember wondering if I would be seeing any Christmassy things around London in November (and yes, I hear my British readers laughing right now). From around Guy Fawkes day (November 5th) until the end of the year, London is an insane winter wonderland!! They decorate EVERYTHING for the holidays, they do it to the hilt and it’s gorgeous!

Winter Market Magic

While I was there, there was a Winter Market being held in near Southbank Centre. For our American friends who don’t know, a Winter Market is dozens of stalls with a winter theme selling all sorts of gifts (hats, carved wooden toys, art objects), delicious smelling foods (sausages grilling, candy stalls overflowing with sweets, pastries), and drinks of all kinds (cold, hot, sweet, alcoholic and non).

My friend and I got to eat chestnuts hot off the coals which was like being in a happy version of a Charles Dickens novel for these California girls! We also had our first taste of mulled wine – warm, sweet and spicy – imagine a spiced sangria that was heated and you can kind of get the picture. I can tell you first hand that on a cold November evening, it was absolutely heaven!

Holiday Magic Potion

What these mulled wine merchants probably haven’t realized is that mulled wine can be turned into a magic potion – not only for those who drink it, but for those who just breathe in the intoxicating aroma.

You can make some magic-imbued mulled wine for your holiday gatherings and for kids, or those who don’t imbibe, mulled cider makes an excellent substitute. Just eliminate the wine and double up on the apple cider.

Mulled Wine Spell

4 cups apple cider (for companionable feelings)

1 (750-ml) bottle red wine, such as Cabernet Sauvignon (because wine is yummy and adds to the conviviality)

1/4 cup honey (to sweeten the feelings of those gathered)

2 cinnamon sticks (to inspire more fun)

1 orange, zested and juiced (to remind everyone of their family connections)

4 whole cloves (for preventing negative gossip)

3 star anise (for good luck)

2 allspice berries (for rapport between the guests)

As you add each ingredient to the pot, ask for it to help in making your gatherings convivial, harmonious and peaceful. You can ask each herb to do what it does best (for example, ask the cinnamon to inspire more fun). Simmer the ingredients for 13 minutes (such a magical number!) and then ladle them into cups for your guests.

As you serve each cup, wish each guest something special (for example, “May you have a year full of love”) or, if you have a gathering of like-minded people, you can ask each guest to make their own wish on their cup of mulled wine or cider. Either way, as they drink it, they will take in all of the good wishes that have been added to the magic potion. For those who don’t have a cup, the smell of these mulled beverages alone, as they permeate the house, will make for warm and friendly feelings.

Do you need magic herbs for your spells? Check out the selection in the Parlour of Wonders Herb Shop.

This article was written by Madame Pamita and was published on YourTango and Medium.

The 3 Things You Must Do To Manifest Your Dreams

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Manifest Your Dreams

The Three Habits That Will Change Your Life

When clients come to me for a tarot reading or a past life session, they are often in a place where they want to make a change for the better. They are in the process of trying to manifest their biggest dreams of love, success, happiness or abundance and don’t know where to start.

Take These Three Actions on a Daily Basis

If a client is committed to making their dreams come true, I advise them on adopting these three habits to truly transform their lives. The key word here is habits. These are not things that you can do just once and see a change. If you want to become a manifesting master, you have to commit to doing these things daily. Making these positive changes part of your routine will plant the seeds for real transformation in your life.

Give Your New Habits at Least Thirty Days to Take Hold

I recommend giving these habits at least a month to take hold and really see a dramatic difference. Although many of my clients start to experience manifestations in days or even hours, some bigger manifestations may take some time. If you don’t see dramatic results immediately, don’t give up. Keep it up for at least a month and you will definitely see the positive effect that these manifesting secrets can have on your life.

Manifest Your Dreams With Positive Affirmations

Telling yourself the story that you want to hear versus a negative reality of what is going on will get the manifesting ball rolling. Affirmations are spoken words that create beliefs and beliefs create our reality. Think about this, if you are constantly thinking “I’ll never be rich,” how likely is it that you’ll be wealthy?

The first step you need to take is to recognize your negative thoughts and then come up with a positive affirmation that is both true and the thing that you want to manifest. State it in the positive and in the present tense.

If you are feeling poor, saying “I want to be prosperous” is a good first step but saying “Abundance flows to me easily” is infinitely more powerful.

If you’re feeling lonely, you could say, “I will fall in love someday,”  but it would be even better to say “My true love and I meet in the perfect timing.”

It’s not enough just to think these affirmations, you need to say them out loud to break the cycle of negative thinking and replace those negative beliefs that you’re holding with strong powerful ones.

State your affirmations out loud every day as you’re getting ready to start your day and you will start to see real shifts in your life with more and more goodness coming your way.

Manifest Your Dreams With a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is a book where you write down what you’re grateful for and the positive intentions that you have for the future.

The process is simple. In the morning or evening, sit down with your journal and write two pages. On the first page, write down what you’re grateful for in your life right now, for example, “I love my amazing friends” or “I’m so happy that I have a good job.”

On the second page, write your gratitude intentions, the things that you want in your life. The secret to this is to write them as if they are already here. For example, if you want to start a successful business, write “I am so thankful for my prosperous new business.” The process of writing this in the present tense powerfully sets your manifestation in motion.

Doing this on a daily basis will spark amazing positive things coming your way and you’ll love looking back through your journal at the things that you have since manifested that were once merely wishes and dreams.

If you want to see a gratitude journal in action, check out my video showing you exactly how to create one.

Manifest Your Dreams by Speaking in the Positive

This last one is sometimes the most difficult habit to adopt for my clients. Many times we get in the habit of complaining about the things going wrong in our lives to others. Somehow, this complaining (and the comfort that we get when we complain to our friends and family) makes us feel closer to our loved ones.  However, when we speak about our lives in the negative to others, we are merely solidifying the things that we are complaining about and activating getting more of those negative things.

Check yourself. Are you complaining about not having enough money, love, success? Whenever you catch yourself doing this, stop yourself and tell the story in a different way.

For example, if you’re saying, “I keep going on dates with complete losers” stop yourself and take the story in a different direction. You could add something like, “I may not be clicking with the people I’m meeting now, but it’s helping me to figure out what’s important to me. They may not be right for me, but if I keep going, I will really increase my chances of meeting someone that I do connect with.”

Bonus habit: Playing the “As If” game.

If you really want to amp up your manifesting abilities, then I recommend playing the “As If” game with a positive-thinking friend. It’s simple to do. Just get together with a friend and have a conversation where you pretend “as if” your life is the exact way you want it to be. Imagine that you want to write a book, but haven’t started. Your conversation may sound something like this:

Friend: Hey! I heard you wrote a book.

You: Yes! It’s amazing! I wrote that fantasy novel I’ve always want to write.

Friend: That’s awesome!

You: Yes, it was a really pleasant experience writing. The words just flowed out of me so easily. My editor was so helpful and kind. And you’re not going to believe this…

Friend: What?

You: It’s out now and it’s debuted at #1 in the New York Times Bestseller list.

Friend: Whoa!

You: Not only that, but I’ve gotten contacted by a couple of movie studios who want to buy the rights to the book and turn it into a feature film.

Friend: That’s amazing!

And on and on you two will go, sharing your biggest dreams as if they are already here. You will giggle with delight as you tell the story of your manifestations back and forth to each other and be in the perfect place to open up your manifestations coming to you quickly.

Manifest Your Dreams With These Habits Starting Today

I love it when my clients take these habits to heart and come back to me telling me about the beautiful things that they have manifested. You can do it too! Make these three (plus one) habits part of your daily life and you will be delighted as you manifest good thing after good thing and make your life the amazing adventure it was meant to be.

This article was written by Madame Pamita and was first published on YourTango and Medium.

Get started on your manifesting magic with this very special Gratitude Journal.