Complex Candle Spells VIP Access

 Hello loves,

For the foreseeable future, all complex candle work is going to be put on hold while we prepare some exciting changes for you! There are going to be New Moon Spell Kits, New Moon Spell Classes and our usual New Moon Hearth Service offered in 2021!

If you’d like a complex candle spell done by Madame Pamita, please check out the next New Moon Hearth Service and see if it can be adapted to your intention. Each New Moon Hearth Service Spell is customized to your intention, so we can be infinitely adaptable!

We also have our in-house alchemist, Lady Lyria, burning vigil candles for you – check out the Vigil Candle spells and see if there is one that will fit your spell intention, or have us put together a custom vigil candle spell just for your specific intention.

Thanks for trusting us with your beautiful spellwork! We can’t wait to share all the amazing magical things we are creating for you!