Light of Protection Hoodoo Oil Lamp Spell


Light of Protection Hoodoo Oil Lamp Spell

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This Hoodoo Oil Lamp will create a fiery ring of protection around you or your loved ones to keep away negative energies and people.

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Hoodoo Oil Lamp Vigils are down home, old-time work at its finest. This Protection Light will be custom created for you by Madame Pamita with the authentic hoodoo herbs, roots, curios and talismans to protect you from the bad luck, negative energies or people who are working against you. If these conditions already exist, you should begin by doing a personal cleanse with the Bona Fide Rootwork Bath Crystals that address your particular condition. If things are going well but you want to keep it that way, you can begin this Protection Oil Lamp Vigil without a preliminary cleanse. Either way, a custom oil lamp can be created to protect you or your loved ones from negative spiritual conditions.

Order this lamp and it will be lit and maintained over the course of one to four weeks to create a ring of fiery protection around you.

If I recommend ordering this candle spell, please read and agree to the Spellwork Agreement.

You can write out your petition by clicking on the "Add To Cart" button above and describe what you would like to accomplish with this work.  Please email your photograph of you looking empowered and content. Please email your photo to

I will create a custom made Hoodoo Oil Lamp with your photo and intention along with essential oils, herbs, roots, curios and talismans designed to spiritually protect you.  I place your name on the lamp and while it is burning, I will take a photograph of it identifying that the lamp is yours. When the vigil is complete, I will send you a personalized video message with your photograph and any additional recommendations as to what would be helpful.

If you would like to have the hard artifacts of your lamp, such as roots, nuts, coins, stones, or talismans, mailed to you after the work is complete, please order Oil Lamp Artifacts Retrieved when you order this.