Black Outside/Red Inside Reversing Candle


Black Outside/Red Inside Reversing Candle


A red candle dipped in black wax - used to turn negativity inside out and send it back to its source.

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Reversing or Reversible candles, candles that are red wax covered with black wax, are used for spells to reverse negativity that has been sent to you from another person, whether that person is known or unknown to you.

To work with a red inside and black outside reversing candle, you simply inscribe the candle with your enemies' names in reverse writing in a downward direction and dress it in a downward motion in Reversing oil.  

You may dress the candle with additional herbs and affix to the included mirror before lighting it. As with all candle spells, you will want to burn it when you are nearby and awake. When you leave your home or go to sleep, snuff the candle (don't blow it out) and relight when you return.

Note that these paraffin candles are not made in the Parlour of Wonders and are created by dipping a plain candle in black wax.

Some ideas for magical uses:

For reversing, apply Reversing oil in a downward motion and sprinkle with Agrimony. Sprinkle a circle of Sulphur around the base of the candle.

Pure Paraffin Wax
9" H x 1.75" W