White and Black Double Action Candle


White and Black Double Action Candle


Used to send back negativity to its source and bring in the good things that you desire.

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Double action candles, candles that are half black and half another color, are used for spells to reverse negativity that has been sent to you from another person.

A double action candle is essentially two spell candles in one - a black candle to reverse and remove negativity and a colored part to bring what you desire: white is used for all-purpose blessing.

To work with a double action candle that has the black part on the bottom, you will need to "butt" the candle to prepare it so that you can burn the black part first and the white part second. Butting the candle means cutting off the white top to make it the new bottom of the candle and carving to reveal the wick on the black part to make it the new top. By doing this you are essentially "turning the tables" on the people working against you.

Next, inscribe the black half of the candle with your enemies' names in reverse writing and dress it in a downward motion in Reversing oil.  Inscribe your own name on the white half and dress in an upward motion with an appropriate oil such as Blessing, Good Luck, Lucky Mojo, Crown of Success, Healing, Attraction, Lodestone, or any other positive oil.

You may dress the candle with additional herbs and affix to a mirror before lighting it. As with all candle spells, you will want to burn it when you are nearby and awake. When you leave your home or go to sleep, snuff the candle (don't blow it out) and relight when you return.

Some ideas for magical uses:

For all-purpose reversing and blessing, use a white/black candle and apply Reversing oil and sprinkle with Agrimony on the black half and Blessing oil and Angelica on the white half. Sprinkle a circle of Frankincense around the base of the candle.

100% Paraffin Wax
9" H x 1.75" W

Watch the video below to see how to prepare and use a double action candle in a reversing spell.