Beeswax Hot Love Heart Candle


Beeswax Hot Love Heart Candle


This large heart-shaped beeswax pillar will turn up the heat on your romance. Only serious lovers need apply!

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Beeswax candles are the Cadillac of magical tools.  While the superior burn of beeswax is useful for any type of work, the honey-imbued wax is especially perfect for sweetening up a situation.  This large red heart represents the red hot passion of a real true love.

In spellwork, you can use this candle to amp up the volume on an existing relationship, taking it out of the doldrums and into the land of enchantment (and I don't mean New Mexico) or use it to attract a true new love that will last.

These beautiful candles are 100% pure beeswax with no fragrances, essential oils or herbs added.

A simple, but very effective, candle spell using this candle is to take a nail or knife and scratch your lovers initials and yours on the top of the candle, or if you are inviting a new love, scratch "True Love" on the top of the candle. Place a photo beneath the candle of you and your target or just you if your target is not known to you yet. Apply an appropriate dressing oil (such as Love Me or Come to Me) in an upward motion to the candle and sprinkle a pinch of Red Clover and a pinch of Cinnamon on the top. Light your candle on a Friday and burn a little bit over seven consecutive days, snuffing it when you go to sleep or leave the house. Or, burn it between your beeswax figural candles to give them an extra powerful boost of love.

Handmade in the USA

Candle measures 3" h x 3" w
Approximate burn time: 30 hours
100% pure beeswax
cotton wick - lead-free
Handcrafted in the USA