Chakra Healing Stone Kit

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Chakra Healing Stone Kit


Seven powerful gemstones in a wooden box for safekeeping. This kit come with Seven Stones - one corresponding to each chakra - a wooden box for storage, a bag for easy carrying on the go, and complete instructions how to use the stones to clear, cleanse, and recharge your chakras.

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Your chakras are seven power points within your body that correspond to the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological states of balance. When our chakras are “open” we feel energized, safe, empowered, and spiritually connected to divine energy. When the chakras are “blocked” we feel stagnant, tired, overwhelmed, fearful, confused, or disconnected. Each of the seven main chakras corresponds to a different part of our body and to different aspects of our spiritual/emotional balance. 

Crystals are powerful, transformative tools for subtle energetic change. We can use crystals to cleanse, open, and align chakras that are closed or off balance.  This set of Seven Chakra Stones can be used as a set or one at a time to heal, cleanse, and open your chakras so that they are working at their optimal vibration. 

This kit includes

  • Seven tumbled gemstones - one corresponding to each chakra
  • Polished wooden storage case
  • Natural linen gemstone bag for carrying your stones with you on-the-go
  • Instruction guide for using your healing stones to cleanse and recharge your chakras