Deer's Tongue - Cut and Sifted


Deer's Tongue - Cut and Sifted

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Deer's Tongue herb (Liatris odoratissima) is used for improved communication, it can also be used for attracting a love interest and opening psychic powers. 

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Deer's Tongue is used for improved communication, whether is it opening up better or more communication in relationships, convincing presentation in court cases, or success in speaking eloquently before an audience. 

Some ideas for magical uses:

Dress a white skull candle with Clarity oil and Deer's Tongue to open up clear and positive communication with someone who is not speaking with you or hiding the truth. 

Place a pinch of Deer's Tongue in a red flannel bag along with Bay Leaf, Grains of Paradise and Master Root to create a mojo bag to give yourself confidence and success in life. 

Dress a Scales of Justice candle in Court Case oil and roll in Deer's Tongue before a court date to insure that you express yourself in a way to bring your best outcome. 

Burn Deer's Tongue on a charcoal along with Lovage, Dragon's Blood resin and Gentian to create an incense to open up more loving communication with a romantic partner. 

Sprinkle Deer's Tongue around your environment to open up more positive communication in your home or work. 

For in-depth information on how to use this and other herbs and roots magically, I recommend Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic and Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, both of which can be found in our Books section.

Click on the video below for guidance on how to light charcoal for burning herbs, roots and resins.