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Learn in the comfort of your own home. Madame Pamita’s passion is empowering you with the knowledge so that you can do magic yourself. To that end, she has created several very popular video series on YouTube that teach you how to cast spells and create magical artifacts to make your life the very best it can be. Whether you want to cast a love spell, a money spell or protection spell, Madame Pamita has videos to show you how you can do it yourself.

No need to pay for an expensive online course or wade through a bunch of irrelevant content. Just watch the videos that you want and get bite-sized knowledge on just the specific topics that you are interested in.

Learn Hoodoo Spells and Spellcasting

Madame Pamita’s popular video series Hoodoo How To was one of the very first video series offered on YouTube showing how to create mojo bags, dress spell candles, burn magical incense for spells, make poppets and do cleansing baths. These videos have become an extremely popular destination for those who want to learn spells and practice magic.

With over 2 million views, these videos have reached millions of people and taught them how to make their lives the very best that they can be. Be sure to subscribe to Madame Pamita’s channel to get notified when new videos are released.

Answer your Questions About Witchcraft

Madame Pamita has a live video gathering every Sunday evening where you get to ask your questions about magic, the law of attraction, spiritualism, tarot, spirit guides, divination, spells and witchcraft. Each week she invites some very special guests from the world of magic and together they share their knowledge with you. She records these very special weekly meetings and you can watch past sessions to learn all kinds of new things that you never knew about magic.

If you are want to join the live session, then you need to get in on being in the Spell Squad. Head over to and sign up and you’ll get the link to the zoom meeting and directions on how to join us in the clubhouse! It’s free to join and there is no obligation or sales pitch. Just a fun magical get together for all!

Learn More About Tarot

Madame Pamita is the author of the acclaimed tarot book “Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot” and she offers tips and tricks on learning to use this magical divination tool through her Tarot Talks video series. Open up your intuition, learn the magical language of symbols, and use the tarot to gain deeper spiritual wisdom.

Whether you are just beginning to learn about the cards or are an advanced tarot reader, you’ll gain a lot through watching these videos and learning Madame Pamita’s special technique for interpreting and reading this old and revered divination system.

You can make magic! Check out all the learning tools we offer get some free instruction in the principles of magic.