Archangel Michael Loose Incense Powder


Archangel Michael Loose Incense Powder


Archangel Michael Incense is used for protection, courage and for overcoming evil.  1 oz.

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Archangel Michael is charged with protecting those who ask for his assistance especially those who find themselves in threatening or perilous situations, for those who work in dangerous lines of work, and those who need courage to face life's challenges.

If you need support, courage, and confidence when facing a situation, or the strength to make positive change, you can use this incense to bring the energy of Archangel Michael closer. 

Archangel Michael is an exceptionally strong ally who will protect and defend you in when you walk in truth and long for justice. If you are in a legal situation where you are facing false accusations, an unjust punishment or are being treated unfairly, Michael will assist you in vindication.

If you are facing an emergency or crisis and need instant help, call on Archangel Michael and he will give you the necessary courage and strength to face the challenge and succeed.

Ways to Use this Incense:

Burn this incense in your workspace to bring in protection and justice.

Carry your brazier through each room of your house or workplace to cleanse and empower the space with angelic energy.

Burn this incense as you ask Michael to pray for you.

Smudge yourself by waving the fragrant smoke over your body or wafting it over someone you wish to cleanse, empower and bless. 

Light this incense before doing spell work and let it burn while you dress and light your Angel, Scales of Justice or Truth and Justice candle to elevate and empower your work.

Feed and cleanse your mojo bag by gently waving it through the fragrant smoke.

Dress a white beeswax taper candle with Archangel Michael oil and sprinkle a pinch of incense on it for extra empowerment. 

Click on the video below  for guidance on  how to light and burn loose incense.