Break Up Loose Incense Powder


Break Up Loose Incense Powder


Break Up incense means business. If you are trying to break up lovers or a married couple, Break Up incense will have them fighting like cats and dogs. 1 oz.

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This incense is not for the weak of heart. If you really have good reasons for breaking up a couple and want them to part for good, then Break Up incense is for you. The intent of this incense is for lovers to fight, quarrel and leave each other on very bad terms.  

Ways to Use this Incense:

Burn this incense as you ask for the break up of the couple in prayer.

Burn this incense while performing spells for breaking up a couple.

Burn it in the couple's home to fixing the space or break up work. 

Sprinkle a pinch of this incense on a burning break up candle. 

Dress a black beeswax taper candle with Break Up oil and sprinkle a pinch of incense on it for extra empowerment. 

Click on the video below  for guidance on  how to light and burn loose incense.