Hot Foot Loose Incense Powder


Hot Foot Loose Incense Powder


Hot Foot Incense is used to drive unwanted persons from your life.  1 oz.

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Hot Foot, also known as Drive Away or Get Away, is alleged to rid one of bad neighbors, freeloaders, evil companions, or cruel ex-lovers and cause them to roam the world alone and unsatisfied. This is not a strong tool used to not only get rid of someone but to cross them as well. To rid yourself of someone without the crossing effect, you should look to Separation or Banishing products. 

This self-lighting loose incense may be lit by itself, placed over a charcoal or sprinkle a pinch on a burning candle. It can also be left unlit and sprinkled in an environment to effect change.

Ways to use this incense powder:

Light this incense and burn it in the environment of someone you wish to get out of your life for good and to cause them a life of misery. 

Burn this incense while lighting a black figural candle dressed in Hot Foot oil to give it extra power. 

Click on the video below  for guidance on  how to light and burn loose incense.