Return to Me Loose Incense Powder


Return to Me Loose Incense Powder


No matter how bad the parting, bring them back into your life! Return to Me incense is used to attract back a friend or lover who has walked out or left.  1 oz.

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Return to Me spiritual supplies are popular to bring back a friend or lover who has walked out or left.

If you have broken up with a friend or lover and want them to come back to you, Return to Me is a powerful but positive way to attract that person back to you and get the relationship back to where it was before. 

Even if they have taken up with someone else, you can work to get them back into your life.  If you must have them exclusively, then use Separation or Break Up products to break up that relationship and then do a spell using Return to Me products. 

Ways to Use this Incense:

Burn this incense in your bedroom, to get your lover back into your bed. 

Carry your brazier through each room of your house to draw the person back to your home.

Burn this incense as you pray for your intention of your friend or lover coming back to you. 

Smudge yourself by waving the fragrant smoke over your body and praying before spending time with your friend or beloved. 

Light this incense before doing spell work and let it burn while you dress and light your Sweet Reconciliation candle to elevate and empower your work.

Feed and cleanse your mojo bag by gently waving it through the fragrant smoke.

Dress a blue beeswax taper candle with Return to Me oil and sprinkle a pinch of incense on it for extra empowerment. 

Click on the video below  for guidance on  how to light and burn loose incense.