Stay With Me Loose Incense Powder


Stay With Me Loose Incense Powder


This incense is used in love spells to keep one's mate from wandering, engaging in adultery, or even going out on the road alone; create a love that lasts, a faithful love, a love you can always count on to be true.  1 oz.


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If you want a love that you can always count on to be true, Stay With Me has a delightful, spicy scent that lets your mate know 'home is where the heart is!

Ways to Use this Incense:

Burn in your home or workspace to bring in the energy of this incense blend.

Carry your brazier through each room of your house or workplace to cleanse and empower the space.

Burn this incense as you pray, meditate or do your spellwork.

Smudge yourself by waving the fragrant smoke over your body or wafting it over someone you wish to cleanse, empower and bless. 

Light this incense before doing spell work and let it burn while you dress and light your Love candle to elevate and empower your work.

Feed and cleanse your mojo bag by gently waving it through the fragrant smoke.

Dress a beeswax taper candle with spiritual oil and sprinkle a pinch of incense on it for extra empowerment. 

Click on the video below  for guidance on  how to light and burn loose incense.