Full Moon Magic

Is there anything more beautiful than a full moon on a winter’s night?  The silver light glistening in the cold crisp air.  Whenever the full moon show her face, it's the perfect time to do some full moon magic.

When I was a little girl, long before the internet let us find anything we wanted at the touch of a Google “I Feel Lucky” button, I was always searching for any information I could find on magic. In a book somewhere I read that witches would spin around three times and bow to the moon on the night when it was full. Imagine if you can, the little ten-year-old version of me standing in a backyard in Santa Monica, looking up at the full moon and spinning around three times and then making what I though was a graceful, dizzy bow. 

I was born under the sign of Cancer, and Cancers are ruled by the Moon, so it was only natural that I would gravitate to what I call my “Moon Mama”. Full Moons are the perfect time for doing spells for increasing psychic abilities and powers of divination. It’s the perfect night to dust off the old tarot deck or do a tea leaf reading for your friend, but if you want to carry the magic of the full moon over to the rest of the month, you can capture that magic by making Holy Moon Water. Full Moon Water doesn’t have to be used just for supporting your intuition, it is a powerful water for blessing in any context.

Check your favorite online calendar to see when the full moon is going to be at its apex. If it's erly in the morning or during the day, this spell can be started on the night before so that you capture the waxing moon's magic. 

Spell for Full Moon Water

Fill a clear glass or white porcelain bowl with spring water on the night of the Full Moon. You don’t have to go to a spring to get the water (although that would be amazing), bottled spring water will do for you city spellworkers. Some people gather rainwater for this spell, or you can gather some snow and allow it to melt, which is another way to add another level of magic to the working.

At moonrise, place the bowl outside or, if you’re going to keep it inside, place it next to a window where the moon can shine down on it.

You can say a prayer or intention for the water, for example, “Open my psychic abilities and strengthen my intuition” or “Bring bright blessings to my life.”

If you would like to supercharge your spell and really draw in some extra powerful energy, then place a tumbled moonstone in your water to soak overnight.

Leave your water in the light of the moon for the entire night. The next day, you can decant your water to a bottle to use throughout the month. You can use this holy moon water to sprinkle around your house to bless and protect it, you can add a bit of clear alcohol (such as Everclear or Vodka to preserve it) and keep it in the fridge so that you can drink it. You can use it in magic potions, bless and consecrate your tools, place on an ancestor altar - there are so many beautiful ways that you can use this holy moon water.  Let your inspiration guide you.

Healing Magic


In the Magic Q&A Tea Party (It's a free, live Q&A session I hold every Sunday at 5PM Pacific on Instagram and YouTube), I answer questions posted by followers about magic, the law of attraction, spirit guide contact, spells, past lives and more. One of the questions that was posted was the simple question "Is there a spell for alopecia?" Alopecia is the medical word for hair loss and this question brought me to a deep discussion about healing spells in general and my personal healing spell story. 

When I was in my twenties, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis - which is basically when your immune system sees your thyroid as a "threat" and begins to attack and destroy it (all autoimmune issues are basically this - your immune system attacking healthy tissue that it sees as a threat).  My regular medical doctors told me to "just keep an eye on it." I didn't know how to keep an eye on it or what that meant, but I watched my mother go through a lot of pain and misery in her life because of autoimmune issues that caused not only Hashimoto's, but Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's Disease and more. I was just hoping and praying that I didn't go down the same path as she did.

When I got into my 40s, I suddenly developed Alopecia Areata - smooth, completely bare, bald spots about the size of a quarter on the back of my head. I was able to cover them with my thick hair, but I was still self-conscious about them and wanted to heal them. I went to a dermatologist, who gave me the diagnosis, shot cortisone into my scalp and said, "it's caused by stress."  The cortisone shots would temporarily bring back a few tiny hairs but they would fall out again within a week or so. More bald patches started appearing and I began to panic (so much for keeping my stress levels down!).

When the doctor's failed, I began looking at spiritual solutions for my health issues. I began speaking affirmations ("My hair is full and covers my entire head"), I started to light Blessed Herbal Healing candles and taking baths with Healing oil. I began focusing on my healing, seeing myself as whole and healed. 

Now, I believe that magic is working in conjunction with your guides, sometimes the magic comes purely from the intention, other times it works with synchronicities, but either way, it works to bring you exactly the solution that you need. 

As I was doing this work, I got the guidance that I should be looking for natural solutions - that there was something that I was missing. I looked online for information about Alopecia Areata and its causes and I "stumbled upon" (really, my guides led me to) the first piece of important information - that Alopecia Areata was an autoimmune disease (and therefore related to the other autoimmune diseases that my mother and I had experienced). From there, over the next few weeks, I kept looking for solutions to autoimmune diseases and again "stumbled upon" (yeah, the team was at it again) the key that unlocked the door. Someone had posted in a chat room about the fact that their Hashimoto's issues were resolved when they stopped eating wheat. When I saw this, my guides were like, "You need to try this!" and I figured, "What have I got to lose?" I committed to stopping wheat for a month to see what would happen. 

And a miracle happened! Within two weeks of quitting wheat, the hair started growing back on my head. After years of having these bald patches, and seeing them get worse, not better, I was seeing a profound turnaround. My hair grew back fully and now 10 years later, I haven't lost another hair (in fact the hair on my head has gotten thicker!)

The result of this was that I was led to research even more about autoimmune issues and discovered that there is a legitimate medical path that deals with autoimmune issues in a way that looks at diet as the source of inflammation - it's called Functional Medicine. I read this amazing book by Dr. Amy Myers called The Autoimmune Solution and got even MORE information and began seeing a Functional Medicine nutritionist who did a blood test to see which foods I have an allergic reaction to (which triggers an autoimmune response). Doing this was life changing - better than any medical doctor's help with my autoimmunity. I am now healthier, more energetic, happier than I was in my 20s!

So... the point of all of this is that when you do a Healing spell, it will work! It might bring you healing on the energetic level or it might bring you the synchronicities ("chance" encounters with people, places or information) that are exactly what you need. 

And, if you have an autoimmune issue, I urge you to do some online searching for Functional Medicine or read the book I linked above. Discover what is triggering your autoimmune issues and let go of those things that personally poison you. You CAN heal yourself - you CAN get better at any age!