What Does It Mean When I See 11:11?

Spirit Guide Messages Through Repeating Numbers

One of the most common ways that our spirit guides reach out to us is through sending us numbers - digital clocks have really become such an amazing tool in this sense because they are all around us. if you are seeing repeating numbers on your digital clock like 11:11, 2:22, 5:55, 1:11 and so on, or you are seeing these repeating numbers elsewhere, such as on license plates, addresses and so on,  it means that your spirit guides are trying to connect with you.

I think of these as being something like spirits knocking at our door. The first thing I do when I notice one of these repeating numbers is reflect on what my focus was on at the time that I saw it - Was I daydreaming in a positive way about the future or was I worrying about something - was I having a good memory from the past or was I focused on just what was in front of me right now. Whatever I was thinking about, my guides have a message for me about that topic.

Now, since I have been working for a long time on building communication with my guides, they usually tell me right then and there what they need to tell me “Yes, you’re going to be ok” “Let it go” “Do it” or whatever. but if you’re just starting to get connected to your guides and you see a repeating number, take a moment to reflect on what was on your mind at that moment and then just try to “listen” to what they have to say about it - if you don’t “hear” anything right away - don’t fret - your guides may just be knocking on your door to let you know that they are supporting you in whatever it was that you were thinking about.

The number itself has significance - If you study some basic numerology, you will know what the numbers mean and you can then interpret that in light of what you were thinking about. For example, if you were thinking about someone that you were interested in and you saw 3:33 on the clock, 333 indicates that there are angels surrounding you and this person and that angels want to help you. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert in numerology though, below is a handy chart for understanding the messages behind different repeating numbers. Download it for future reference when you see these magical repeating numbers. ­