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How Can I Use Pins In My Spells?

YouTube video of Episode 35:

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes. Have you had trouble pinning down your spellwork? Well, this episode gets right to the point with the history of pins being used as magical tools. Pins have been used in many ways throughout the centuries in spellwork and in this episode, we’ll be exploring spell poppets, witch bottles and more. I’ll be teaching you four ways to use the humble straight pin in your own spellwork including the way to use pins in an old-time nine-day candle spell.

What To Do When Tarot Cards Don’t Make Sense

YouTube video of Episode 34:

Tarot cards are an amazing tool for gaining spiritual insight. I like to say that they are like the Google Maps for our spirit, telling us which paths will produce the result that you want and which ways are in a traffic jam. Getting a reading is perfect for getting a sense of clarity about a situation, but what if the cards are making things even more confusing? In this episode you’ll learn the five things to do to help you make sense of the tarot cards in a reading, even if you’ve never had success reading the cards before! And if you are a confident reader, I’ll give you the tips to make sense of those times when the cards don’t seem to be revealing any answers.

How Do You Make a Magic Mirror?

YouTube video of Episode 33:

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Why, you are of course! In this episode we’ll talk about the magic of mirrors. Mirrors have been tools of magicians for millennia and even before the invention of the mirror people have seen reflective surfaces as portals, divination tools, and devices for deflecting magic. You’ll learn about mirrors in legend and lore, all the different ways people use mirrors magically, and how to make a magic mirror of your own for love spellwork. Once you listen to this episode, you’ll never look at a mirror the same way again!

How Do You Do a True Healing Spell?

YouTube video of Episode 32:

Health is wealth! When we are dealing with physical pain, disease or not feeling our best we might want to turn to spiritual help. Many people think that if they do a healing spell, they’ll immediately feel better, but in this episode, I’ll tell you how healing spells actually work. You’ll learn what healing magic is and isn’t, my personal story about healing magic, and how you can do healing magic for yourself. This is a story about candle magic, spiritualism, the law of attraction and trusting in your guides. Find solutions and feel your best with this enlightening episode.

How Do You Find Your Spirit Guide?

YouTube video of Episode 31:

Everyone has a council of spirit guides around them, assisting them and guiding them to their highest spiritual levels. It’s like your own personal advisory board with an extra dose of high vibes! These guides are really there to teach us and support us and the more we connect to them and listen to their guidance, the more we can accelerate getting to our best life. Getting a spirit guide reading can start you on the path, but where do you go from there? In this episode, I show you the seven steps to finding your spirit guides so that you can build an ongoing relationship with them and encounter them and their beautiful messages on a daily basis. One you bring your guides into your life, you’ll never know how you did without them.

What Do I Need To Know Before Doing Love Spells?

YouTube video of Episode 30:

Do your love spells sizzle or fizzle? Love is amazing and love spells can bring in that perfect new love or reconcile a broken relationship. But what happens if your love spells fall flat? You’ve probably ignored the three basic rules of love magic. All is not lost though! In this episode, I cover the three things you need to know before casting a love spell including the three magic words I include in every spell (not just love spells).  Do you want to really get your love thing on? Well, then you’ll want to listen to this heartfelt episode and learn how to make love magic that lasts.

How Do I Manifest My Dreams?

YouTube video of Episode 29:

Do you really want to be living your best life? “The podcast where you’ll learn how to transform your life in magical ways to make it the very best that it can be!” is not just a catchphrase. I do really want to give you the tools to make your life amazing. And in this episode, I share with you the secret of easy manifestation – the three habits that you can adopt that will transform your life in ways you’ve never thought were possible. Plus, I also give you one extra bonus habit that is really, really fun and will supercharge your manifestation process. So, sit back, buckle up and get ready to board the Manifestation Train. First stop: Your Dream Life!

What Is Essential Oils Witchcraft?

YouTube video of Episode 28:

I hear what you say out there: “Madame Pamita, I don’t have the time to do a spell!” “What if someone sees me and thinks I’m a weirdo?” “Magic is too complicated!” Oh, my babies, you can’t use those as an excuse anymore. I’ve got the perfect kind of magic for you to practice: Essential Oils Witchcraft. I’ll teach you the basics of this very specific branch of magic, how to work with essential oils as a witchcraft tool and the seven quick and easy ways you can do spells with essential oils. You’ll love the beautiful way your magic will smell and the power it has behind it.

How Can I Make Magic With the Full Moon?

YouTube video of Episode 27:

We love the moon! Who doesn’t? Only a weirdo moon hater, and that’s not you! In this episode, I’ll be throwing down some lunar lore and legend and telling you why the full moon is a special time to do a magic ritual. Did you know if you spin around three times and bow down to the moon, that officially makes you a witch? Well, the 10-year-old me knows that! I’ll even give you my secret recipe for moonshine… I mean, moon WATER… and tell you all the ways you can use this magical elixir for spells all month long.

How Do I Begin Doing Magic?

YouTube video of Episode 26:

You’re intrigued with magic. You want to know more. I see you. You’re a beginner witch. But where do you start with witchcraft? Do you need a certificate to be a witch? Are you even authorized to wave that wand? Guess what? You are! In this video guide, I break it down to the foundations of magic, I give you the five steps to starting your own magical practice, sorting out your own magical code of ethics and even tell you how to set up a simple home altar. Yes, you can do magic and yes, with this beginner witchcraft guide, now is the time to start!

What Is a Spell Poppet?

YouTube video of Episode 25:

It doesn’t matter if you call it a poppet, a doll baby or a voodoo doll – these tiny human replicas have been a part of magic since before written history. Despite their negative representation in movies and TV, poppets can actually be used for healing, love, success, and all sorts of positive things. Do you want to use a poppet in your own magic practice? In this episode, I’ll go over what poppets are and what kind of magic they can be used for. We’ll also look at the different materials that you can use to create a poppet and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Are you ready to get your poppet on? I’ll give you everything you need to know to start using these ancient magical tools in your own practice.

What Is The Evil Eye?

YouTube video of Episode 24:

Is someone jinxing you? Giving you the malocchio? Throwing you the double whammy? Then you, my friend, have been hit with the Evil Eye. The Evil Eye is the concept that the negativity that comes along with a jealous or envious look is something that can throw your life off course. Where did the concept of the Evil Eye begin? We’ll take a look at the multitude of beautiful cultures where the concept of the Evil Eye exists and all the unique ways of getting rid of its negative effects that each culture has. I’ll even tell you about the weird way that the ancient Romans used to fend off the Evil Eye with a specific part of the male anatomy and how that translates to modern Italian culture. If you feel like you’ve been jinxed or cursed, you’ll get a ton of good traditional remedies here to take off that hex.

Why Do Spells?

YouTube video of Episode 23:

In my podcast, I talk a lot about creating your best life through the power of thought. So, if thought is all you need to do magic, why do we need candles, oils, herbs and the like? In this episode, I’ll be talking about the foundations for understanding what is happening behind the scenes when you do magic. We’ll also get into discussing the concept of “The Web” and how you can use it to effect change in your life. And we’ll dive down deep into why we use magical tools and what they can do for your own magical practice. If you’re wanting to up your manifesting and magic game, this podcast is full of the tricks and tips you need to succeed!

What Are The Four Directions?

YouTube video of Episode 22:

Do you think the Four Directions are a singing group that’s a mash-up between One Direction and the Four Tops? While that sounds like the makings of a crazy good concert, that’s not the Four Directions we’ll be talking about here. In this episode, I’ll be telling you what the Four Directions are, how to cast a circle, and how the Four Directions relate to so much more in your life than just magical work. I’ll even be giving you a handy downloadable chart that you can use as a shortcut for understanding all the correspondences of the four directions. If you’ve been wondering if you need to cast a circle to do magic, want a greater understanding of the Four Directions and what they mean, and are hoping to get a new insight into living a magical life 24/7, then this episode will open your mind and give you a whole new framework in which to view the world.

How Do I Let Go and Manifest Like a Master?

YouTube video of Episode 21:

Do you find yourself holding back when it comes to manifesting your best life? Do you get frustrated with the timing of your spells or worry that your spells aren’t working? You are a co-creator with the Universe and when you finally understand your role in this dynamic duo and apply the actions necessary, you’ll start to see amazing magical results. This episode will show you how to master your mind, teach you the principles of Wild Magic, and give you some concrete tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of your spellwork. Do you want to know the steps to becoming an expert co-creator? There all here! I even give you some games to play that will turn you into a manifesting master. After listening to this podcast, you’ll be co-creating like a boss!

How Do I Create a Spirit Guide Altar?

YouTube video of Episode 20:

Do you want to build a relationship with your spirit guides – one where you can receive clear messages from them and receive protection and assistance from them? One of the best ways to connect to your ancestors and other spirit guides is through creating and maintaining a spirit guide altar. In this episode, I tell you everything you need to know about creating a spirit guide altar in your home. Why would you want to make an altar in the first place? What are the key essential items you need to place on that altar? What extra things can you add to make it really special? I tell you places to put your altar so that it’s undetectable to others. I even give you the steps for a ritual to connect with your guides at your altar. Are you ready to step up your spirit guide game? Then, it’s time to “altar” your perspective!

How Do I Access My Past Lives?

YouTube video of Episode 19:

Have you been here before? Of course you have! In this episode, we explore past lives, the lives that you’ve lived before this incarnation. We’ll talk about what past lives are, what your spirit is hanging around doing between lifetimes, and what clues you may have noticed that will lead you to your own past lives. We’ll also touch on the Akashic Records, what they are and how you can access them safely. We’ll also look at some tools that you can use to access your past lives or the past lives of friends, even if you’ve never delved into this fascinating research. Finally, I’ll tell you how looking at your past lives can help you to break unhealthy attachments, banish phobias and fears, and help you to live your most amazing life in this lifetime.

How to Read a Spell Candle

YouTube video of Episode 18:

Doing a candle spell can be so much more than just lighting a candle. Did you know that you can read the candle as it burns and analyze the remains to get feedback on your spell? In this episode, I tell you the three things we look at for feedback while a candle is burning and the six things that we can look at after the candle has completed burning and what they all mean. Did you know that a candle that isn’t burning well doesn’t have to mean that your spell is a flop? I also reveal the tips and tricks to help a candle spell that is struggling while it’s going. If you love to burn candles as a ritual to change your life outcomes, then this episode will inspire you to fire up some really advanced spell work!

And here are some additional resources:

The Book of Candle Magic

Can Food or Drink be Magical?

YouTube video of Episode 17:

Food and beverages are something that we consume every day. Did you know that they can be turned into magical tools to transform your life? Well, they can! Tune into this episode where we delve into the magic of food and drink – what foods are naturally more magical, how to imbue your food and drink with magic, what ingredients you already have in your cupboard that can be made into magical comestibles, and even how you can turn a cocktail into a magical potion. You won’t want to miss what is sure to be the most delicious episode of Magic and the Law of Attraction ever!!

And here are some additional resources:

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How Do I Do a Vigil Candle Spell?

YouTube video of Episode 16:

Vigil Candles — What the heck are they? Why would we want to use them in magic? What do we do with the glass holders after we’re finished? How does a vigil candle service work? And what one thing must we absolutely insist on if we are having someone burn a vigil candle for us? So many vigil candle questions… and we’ve got all the time in the world to answer them. By the time you finish listening to this episode, you’ll be a confident vigil candle user and be ready to make some powerful magic with these unique magical tools.

And here are some additional resources:

The Book of Candle Magic

The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic Book

How To Dress a Hoodoo Vigil Candle Video

How Do I Dispose of Spell Leftovers?

YouTube video of Episode 15:

It would be perfect if we saved this topic for the day after Thanksgiving, but it needed to be revealed now! When you do a spell, particularly a candle spell, you are left with wax, herbs, petition papers and so on. What are you supposed to do with all this leftover stuff? You can’t just throw it away, or can you? In this episode, I tell you some of the tried and true ways to dispose of spell remains for candle spells, petition papers and more.

And here are some additional resources:

What To Do With Candle Spell Remains Video

Why are Herbs Magical?

YouTube video of Episode 14:

Tree huggers, unite! You’ve heard me say before that herbs are powerful allies for your magic practice, but in this episode we find out why certain herbs are used for certain conditions. I’ll also teach you a way that you can discover the magical use for any herb without looking it up in a book, or ascertain what a plant is good for even if that plant isn’t listed as magical. I’ll tell you the two herbal books I find indispensable and how you can use them to verify your own findings. You’ll never take a walk in nature the same again!

And here are some additional resources:

Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic Book

How Do I Do Dream Magic?

YouTube video of Episode 13:

Let’s take a trip into a new and exciting magical realm – the land of dreams. This episode is all about dream magic – receiving prophetic dreams, intentionally dreaming, connecting to other souls in the dreamscape, influencing others in their dreams, interpreting dreams, catching lucky numbers from dreams, contacting spirits in dreams, protection in the dreamworld, and dream spellwork – a whole bunch of magic with your own dreams and magic with someone else’s dreams. You won’t believe the amazing spellwork that can do surrounding the dream realm – a true place of magic and mystery.

And here are some additional resources:

Tiny Beeswax Tapers

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Lucky Number Dream Books

How Do I Do Magic for Self-Empowerment?

YouTube video of Episode 12:

No matter who you are, we all go through times where life circumstances or other people can make us feel like we aren’t worthy. In this episode, I teach you magical techniques for refilling your self-confidence tank.  We break it down, discussing where diminishing thoughts originate, how to eliminate these false disempowering beliefs, and finding your true empowered essence. You can break the disempowerment habit, get off the cycle of beating yourself up and stand in the place of the truth of who you are – a lovable, worthy and joyful person. And this episode will show you how.

And here are some additional resources:

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How Do I Use Incense Magically?

YouTube video of Episode 11:

The Sweet Smell of Success..or love…or prosperity. Incense is an amazing and often overlooked tool for creating some powerful magical intentions – In this episode we talk all about intoxicating incense – the gorgeous history of incense and the power of scent for making magic, the myriad forms that incense can take, why you would want to choose one form over another and the mysterious and mystical ways to use incense magically. If you haven’t been using incense magically, this episode will get you started on using this amazing magical tool, and if you have been using incense in your magical work,  it will inspire you to start using it in new and creative ways that you may not have thought of.

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How Do I Connect with My Spirit Guides? – Part Two

YouTube video of Episode 10:

Calling all Spiritualists! You can reach out and touch the spirit world…your guides are just waiting to hear from you! In this episode of MAGIC AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, we talk about the situations in your life where connecting with your guides may be helpful, the two rules you need to implement before you reach out for any spirit contact and a whole bunch of amazing ways that you can reach out to connect to your guides – including discussing the use of ouija boards, ancestor altars and making a spirit guide letter box! I also tell you how you can download a free guided meditation for connecting to your spirit guides. This episode is full of positive, inspiring and spirited (ha ha) ideas for getting help and communication from the non-physical plane.

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How Do I Connect with My Spirit Guides? – Part One

YouTube video of Episode 9:

Click Here for a Complete Written Transcript of Episode 9

Are spirit guides just some woo-woo new age thing left over from the ’80s or can these our non-physical allies really help us? In this week’s episode of MAGIC AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, we talk about what spirit guides are, all the forms that spirit guides can take (did you know you can have a unicorn spirit guide? How awesome is that!), and how spirit guides reach out to communicate with us. You’ve been getting messages from your guides all along and you probably didn’t even know it! Listen to this episode learn, laugh and get spirit guide inspired!

And here are some additional resources:

How To Do A Black Hawk Spirit Spell Video

Working with the Spirit of Black Hawk

Spirit Guide Messages Through Repeating Numbers PDF

How Do I Make a Mojo Bag?

YouTube video of Episode 8:

Click Here for a Complete Written Transcript of Episode 8

You got your mojo workin’? Well, to get your mojo workin’, you gotta make one in the first place. This episode is all about the mojo… mojo bags, that is! Learn what a mojo bag is, how it’s different than magical bags in other spiritual traditions and how to make a mojo that will really work for you, bringing in love, luck, prosperity or protection. I even give you the recipe for a good luck mojo for making things go your way.

And here are some additional resources: 

Good Luck Mojo Bag Recipe PDF

Mojo Bag How To Video

How Can I Learn the Tarot?

YouTube video of Episode 7:

Click Here for a Complete Written Transcript of Episode 7

Open up your intuition and start working with the tarot! Whether you are a serious magical worker or just wanting to bring more clarity and insight into your life, you need to start flexing your intuitive muscles. In this episode, we not only dive into working with the tarot but also talk about other forms of divination, accessing your intuition, and why you may want to learn them. I also give you the tips and tricks to one form of divination that you should be using right now and it doesn’t require any memorization or training to get started. At the end of the show, I give the directions for a simple ritual you can use when preparing to use the tarot or another form of divination that will really open up your intuition in powerful ways.

And here are some additional resources:

Madame Pamita’s Live Online Tarot Courses

Biddy Tarot Foundations Online Course

Tarot Journal PDF

Spiritual Oils: Fake or Real?

YouTube video of Episode 6:

Click Here for a Complete Written Transcript of Episode 6

Is there a difference between fake and real ingredients in Spiritual Oils? We dive right in and learn about what some folks call condition oils, anointing oils, dressing oils or magic oils, but what I like to call spiritual oils – what these mysterious potions are and how to work with them to manifest your desires. We also learn if there’s a difference between magical tools made with real botanicals versus ones made with artificial fragrances. Are you ready to start working with oils to transform your life? I also share five super easy methods for amping up your manifesting by using these powerful tools. At the end of the show I’ll also teach you how to make your own spiritual oil and give you a recipe for my own Hot Love oil – a spicy passionate love oil that you can make at home.

And here are some additional resources: 

How to Dress a Vigil Candle Video

Ways to Use Spiritual Oils PDF

Hot Love Spiritual Oil Recipe PDF

Turning Magical Discouragement Around

YouTube video of Episode 5:

Click Here for a Complete Written Transcript of Episode 5

When spells and intentions just seem to fizzle, you need to get out of the pessimistic and into the optimistic. In this episode, we go over three questions to ask yourself to assess a spell that doesn’t seem to be producing a result. I also tell you the magic phrase that I say before starting any magical work that really sets the tone for success. We also look at three ways to set up a spell for maximum effectiveness, and I tell you the three magic words you should be adding to petition papers when you’re working on attracting something to you.

And here are some additional resources: 

Magical Discouragement Troubleshooting Guide PDF

Magical Magnetic Lodestones

YouTube video of Episode 4:

Click Here for a Complete Written Transcript of Episode 4

Lodestones are the freaks of the rock world (in all the best ways) and in this episode, I’ll be answering the question “How do we use lodestones?” I’ll tell you what lodestones are, how to work with them magically, how to pick a lodestone to work with and how to prepare that lodestone for magical work. And down in the links below, you can access not one, but two lodestone spells: one for love and one for prosperity.

And here are some additional resources: 

Lodestone Love Spell Video

Lodestone Prosperity Video

Free Lodestone Cheat Sheet PDF

What’s the Best Day for Making Magic?

YouTube video of Episode 3:

Click Here for a Complete Written Transcript of Episode 3

In this episode of the podcast, we answer the question, “What’s the Best Day for Making Magic?” and look at three different ways that you can time your focused intentions or spellcasting for maximum effectiveness. I’ll take you on a trip back in a time to discover why different days of the week have a different vibration. We also look at ancient methods of using the moon for choosing when to do spells. In addition, I give you a quick and easy way to use astrology in timings even if you’re not an astrologer. We close out the episode with a fabulous and simple seven day spell that harnesses the energy of each day of the week to supercharge your manifestations.

And here are some additional resources: 

Moon Phase Calendar –

Free Spell Timing Chart PDF

What is Color Magic?

YouTube video of Episode 2:

Click Here for a Complete Written Transcript of Episode 2

In this episode of the MAGIC AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION podcast, we explore the question, “What is Color Magic?” and I break it down and tell you how to use each color to manifest love, prosperity, success and more. We also take a quick look at how science, psychology and advertising use the magic of color as well as the history of color in healing and spells. In addition, I give you three ways you may not have thought of for adding color to amp up your manifestations. And I reveal the secret candle color that you should be adding to (almost) all your candle spells.

And here are some additional resources: 

Judika Illes – The Big Book of Practical Spells Book

Free Color Magic Chart PDF

How Does Magic Work?

YouTube video of Episode 1:

Click Here for a Complete Written Transcript of Episode 1

In this episode, I tell you a little bit about myself and what to expect as we go on this MAGIC AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION podcast adventure together. I also dive into our first question, “How Does Magic Work?” and give you a fundamental understanding of why and how to bring magic into your daily life. I also give you three ways to use magic to leverage your positive thinking into more powerful manifestations and the step-by-step instructions for making a magic box to manifest your biggest dreams and desires.

And here are some additional resources:

Free Magic Box PDF

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