Magical Rituals for New Year’s Wishes

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Magical rituals for new year

New Year’s Rituals for a Fabulous Year

The moment when we transition from the old year to the new one is the gateway from the old self into the new self. Gateways are powerful symbols in magic, myth and legend. Whether they are literal or figural, they are about leaving the former self behind and stepping in to something new and full of possibility.

We can treat the New Year’s Eve gateway in any number of ways: ignore it, that is to treat it as any other day; or treat it with contempt (“Another year, I’m sure it will be just as bad as last year”). However, as conscious creators, we can harness the power of this gateway to shed the old garments of the things that we want to leave behind (i.e. poverty, loneliness, sadness, illness, blocks, negativity) and array ourselves in the new garments of the life that we want to lead (happiness, health, wealth and prosperity).

New Year’s Intentions

Many people make New Year’s Resolutions at the turning of the year, but I prefer to make New Year’s Intentions – consciously setting the course for the year.  You can easily incorporate these rituals into your New Year’s gathering or perform them by yourself at home to bring in a year that brings you everything you desire.

You Are What You Wear

On New Year’s Eve, dress in clothes that reflect what you want for the New Year. Many people dress up to the nines on New Year’s Eve, and wearing dressy clothes that highlight our assets definitely can work to invite more love and more prosperity into our lives, but if you are going to a more casual gathering or staying close to home you have more options.

Wear Clothing That Reflects What You Want to Bring in

If your intention includes health or weight loss, then you might want to wear exercise clothes to strengthen your commitment or if you are looking for career success, dress up in an outfit reflecting success in the career you wish to have. For example, a client of mine wanted to start her own cake decorating business in the new year, so I suggested that she wear a chef’s toque and apron for her celebration with close family so that she would really charge her intention for making her business a reality.

Whether you choose to wear a business suit or a sparkly ball gown, the one thing that you do want to make sure of is that the clothes that you are wearing are new or clean – New Year’s Eve is no time to be dragging along the past with you in the form of old, dirty, stained or smelly clothes.

A Magical New Year’s Toast Spell

The New Year has 12 months, so a beautiful ritual to ring in the year on the right note is to make a group toast of 12 wishes right before midnight. Whether you are celebrating solo or in a large group, before the clock strikes 12, come up with a list of twelve wishes that you would like to bestow upon everyone present.

Instead of counting down till midnight, start 12 seconds before with a toast, calling for health, happiness, wealth, love, etc. saying one wish each second until you reach the stroke of midnight with a large, energetic “Happy New Year!”

Eat Some Lucky New Year’s Foods

Almost every culture has a lucky food that ensures health, wealth or happiness in the new year. Try incorporating some of these into your New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day menu to bring in good fortune for the year:

Cornbread – The golden hue of Southern cornbread is said to bring in gold (and therefore prosperity) for the new year

Fish – Eating a whole fish with the head and tail attached is a Chinese custom to bring in abundance for the year from start to finish and in Scandinavian and Northern European countries, eating pickled herring at the stroke of midnight is thought to bring in bounty for the coming year.

Greens – Greens such as Collards, Kale or Cabbage are eaten in the American South and various European countries on New Year’s day to bring in the growth of prosperity.

Hoppin’ John – This downhome dish from the American South is made up of black-eyed peas and rice is meant to bring in prosperity.

Lentils – In Italian culture, eating Lentils on New Year’s Day is believed to bring in good money luck because of their resemblance to little coins.

Long Noodles – In many Asian cultures, long noodles are eaten on New Year’s Day to bring in longevity

Pomegranate – In many Middle Eastern cultures, a pomegranate is eaten at the new year to bring in good health, fertility and prosperity.

Pork – Pigs represent good luck and therefore pig shaped candies, cookies or eating pork on New Year’s Day is thought to bring in good luck for the new year in many European countries.

Round Fruit – Eating 12 (or 13, if you live in the Philippines) round fruits like clementines on New Year’s day is thought to bring in luck for all 12 months.

Happy New Year to You!

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This article was written by Madame Pamita and was also published on YourTango and Medium.