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The Magic World of Crystals

Crystals are truly magical gifts of the earth that can be used for meditation, spells, and for spiritual connection. You don’t have to have advanced spiritual understanding or special skills to work with crystals. Anyone with a good intention can begin to work powerfully with these natural magical artifacts in ways that integrate with your current spiritual practices. Crystals are spiritually healing, can alleviate stress, remove negative energies, amplify or draw in positive energies, open up the consciousness and bring in a higher spiritual awareness.

Meditation Crystals

Crystals can be used to enhance and amplify a meditation practice. Meditation crystals are gemstones that are specifically used during meditation to bring focus and positive change to your practice. By holding a gemstone in each hand as you meditate, you will find greater peace and a faster connection to divine energy. If you lie down for meditation, you can place crystals on specific parts of your body to heal and energize your physical and aura fields. Place gemstones on each of your chakras to clear, cleanse, and open them up.

Gemstones in spells

Gemstones, stones, crystals, salts, and mineral powders can all be used in spell work. Gemstones can be placed around candles for spells when you want to enhance and amplify the intention of your spell. Look for specific gemstones to bring in prosperity, love, protection, or success or for crystals that can clear away any negative forces around you. Arrange these gemstones on your altar or place them in a pattern around your candle. You can also use dusts and salts, such as pyrite girt, magnetic sand or Himalayan pink salt, sprinkled on or around your candles to bring in earthy gem energy to your spells.

Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are mandala-like arrangements of crystals, usually in a circular pattern. Crystal grids can be created anywhere, but you can also use crystal grid boards with lines to help you arrange your crystals in patterns using sacred geometry. Crystals placed in grids work off of each other to amplify their energies and can be used for intentions or for crystal meditation focal points.

Shaped Crystals

Crystals can be carved and tumbled into specific shapes for magical purposes. Use heart-shaped gemstones for love work or egg-shaped stones for successful new beginnings and fertility spells. Shaped crystals can be carried as special talismans, placed on an altar for spiritual work, or held in your hands during your meditation practice.

Crystal Wands

Since ancient times, crystal wands have been traditionally been used as a healing tools by shamans, healers and metaphysicians. Some suggest that crystal wands were used by the inhabitants of the ancient civilization of Lemuria and by the healers of Atlantis. Crystal wands are popular healing tools for today’s healers. Crystal wands are excellent healing tools facilitating chakra balancing, emotional healing, and spiritual development. Crystal wands are energetically cleansing, protective, and may stimulate and activate the human energy field. Crystal wands may be helpful in feng shui for space clearing and environmental blessings. Crystal wands may be used to create sacred spaces for meditation, healing and spiritual work.

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