Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Hummingbird Egg


Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Hummingbird Egg


Lapis Lazuli is the stone of royalty and is used for clarity, wisdom and psychic work. 

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Lapis Lazuli was considered a power stone in ancient Egyptian culture. It is the crystal of insight, awareness and truth. It is excellent for students and those who wish to improve their minds. Lapis opens the third eye of intuition and opens healing and understanding of past lives. 

This small egg-shaped crystal is the size of a hummingbird egg. These gemstone hummingbird eggs are exceptionally powerful for protection and fertility, whether that fertility is literal pregnancy or for starting a new project and nurturing it to abundance. Use it for spiritual work to create businesses, creative projects or important spiritual missions to see them through to fruition. Choose a gemstone that incorporates the special properties that you would like to bring to your work. 

Ways to Use Your Crystal Magically:

To cleanse your gemstones and allow their pure energy to flow, place them in a bowl of sea salt water overnight, then rinse them with plain water.

Charge your gems by placing them under the light of the full moon overnight.

Bring in spiritual focus when doing spells by holding a crystal in one hand or one in each hand.

Make a crystal grid by placing several crystals in a pattern on an altar space. 

Make a Gem Elixir or Crystal Water by placing a crystal in a jar in a bowl of water overnight. You may use this water to bless, cleanse or drink and impart the essence of the gemstone to whatever this water touches. Lapis Lazuli contains copper and sulfur and should only be used to make a Gem Elixir using the indirect method.

Place your gemstones on your altar to empower the energy of your magical work.

Give a heart-shaped gemstone to someone with whom you'd like to strengthen or improve your relationship. 

Carry gemstones in a small cloth bag in your purse or pocket to bring the energy of the gem with you wherever you go.

Lapis Lazuli hummingbird eggs should not be used as yoni eggs.

Dimensions: 1” x .5”