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What is a Mojo Bag?

A Mojo Hand, Gris-Gris Bag, Charm Bag, or Toby Hand is a flannel bag filled with magical items designed to bring the desired objective to the person who wears it in a secret place, such as in a pocket, tucked in a brassiere, or pinned to one’s undergarments.

A mojo bag is traditionally made with a red flannel bag filled with a mix of herbs, minerals, curios, talismans and petition papers unique to your desire. When you order your mojo bag kit, I work with Spirit to determine which combination of items will be most effective for you. I will I then bless each of these items and ask the spirit of the item to work on your behalf.  

How to Assemble a Mojo Bag

When you put together your mojo bag, you want to put a pinch of each herb in asking it to do its work for you. Remember that a pinch is all you need! A mojo bag is meant to be small, flat and easily worn in secret. It should not be a big overstuffed bean bag – so less is more!

If your mojo bag requires personal concerns (hair, nail clippings, or bodily fluids, for example), you may also add them and as well as any petition paper you may have. The next step is to breathe into the bag, giving it life to work with you and for your intention. Finally, you tie the bag shut while praying over it and anoint it, or feed it, with a few spots of oil aligned with your intended outcome. 

How to Care for Your Mojo Bag

Your mojo bag should be treated with the utmost care and respect, as you would a powerful spirit or beloved pet. Give your mojo bag a name and speak to it to ask it to work on your behalf. For the first 7 days that you own it, you will keep it as close to you as possible, wearing it next to your skin and sleeping with it under your pillow only setting it aside when you shower, bathe or go swimming.

After 7 days, you may continue to wear it next to your skin, carry it in a pocket or purse or keep it in a special place and only carry it when you need its effects. About once a week, you will need to feed the mojo bag. Each mojo bag kit includes a full-sized bottle of oil to “feed” it. Feeding can be done by passing the mojo bag through incense or by dabbing it with five spots of a spiritual oil, whisky, Hoyt’s Cologne, or bodily fluids , as recommended in the personal instructions given to you by me. It is traditional to put a small amount of oil on your finger and touch the mojo bag in a five-spot pattern like the spots on the 5 side of a die – once in each of the four corners and once in the middle. 

Protecting Your Mojo Bag

Your mojo bag should never be seen or touched by anyone else. If it is seen by someone else, re-establish your connection to it by feeding it daily and wearing it next to your skin for 7 days.  Touching by another person will kill a mojo bag. If yours is touched, it should be remade or replaced. Once a year, you should have your mojo bag refreshed by a rootworker with a new bag and fresh herbs while keeping and reusing the hard talismans and curios. 

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