Scales of Justice Hoodoo Candle

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Scales of Justice Hoodoo Candle


This candle is specifically formulated to help you in legal matters and make authority figures sympathetic to you so that you get the best possible outcome. 

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Inspired by the old-time Hoodoo recipes that rootworkers incorporated into every day magic, each candle is created with a special brew of oils and rare herbs to be powerful, effective and work very fast. You can see the distinctive medley of herbs and oils fused right into the top of the candle!  There is a unique spell with each candle, though you are encouraged to add your own words to make your work personal. 

With a pin or nail, inscribe two lines down the candle to create equal halves. Make 3 "X" marks on one side. Inscribe your name on the other side and the phrase "judgment in my favor". If you can, put a copy of your legal papers under the candle holder. Light the candle everyday until it is done.

Color: Earthy Brown

Candle Size 4" H X 2" W
Burns Approximately 40 Hours
Cotton Wick
Made in the USA
100% Lead-Free