New Moon Hearth Service Spellwork Agreement

New Moon Group Spell Service Spellwork Agreement

Thank you for hiring me to do spellwork on your behalf. Please carefully read the following and submit the form at the bottom of this page. Sending this to me notifies me that you have read, understand and agree to the terms of the services that I am offering.

Thank you for allowing me to do spellwork for your intentions. I put the same care into every spell I do for my clients that I do for my own spells. Your positive outcomes are always my intent.

— Madame Pamita

This agreement covers the New Moon Spell Service spellwork to be performed for you. For all other spellwork, please read and sign the general Spellwork Agreement.

What is included in the New Moon Group Spell Service

When you order a New Moon Group Spell Service spell, you will receive the following:

  • You will have a spell candle lit for you by Madame Pamita and placed around a master candle spell for the New Moon.

  • You will be able to create a personal petition for your spell that will be placed beneath the candle spell.

  • You will have the option of viewing the New Moon Spell Service (lighting of the candles) live over Zoom.

  • You will have the ability to ask Madame Pamita questions about the candles and the New Moon Spell Service live after the service during the Zoom session.

  • You will receive an emailed video recording of the New Moon Spell Service.

  • You will receive photos of your candle remains.

What is not included in the New Moon Group Spell Service

  • You will not receive one-on-one counseling, emails, or correspondence outside of the group Zoom meetings. (If you would like to consult with Madame Pamita about your spell outside of the group Zoom meetings, you may book and pay for a session at the normal rate.)

Important Dates for the New Moon Group Spell Service

Each month, 20 spaces are made available for this spellwork.

Spaces become available at 12 Noon Pacific Time on the FULL MOON before the NEW MOON. Before that time, all services will show up as “Sold Out.” Once all spaces have been filled, then the service will also show up as “Sold Out.” To know the date that sales open up, please refer to the schedule below.

Subscribe and Save!

You may also purchase a New Moon Group Spell Service Subscription and be a part of each month’s New Moon Group Spell Service.

By purchasing a subscription you will save $25 off the cost of the service. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Customizing Your Spell and Your Petition Paper

When you purchase a New Moon Group Spell Service for an individual month, there is a form to fill out with your petition for the spell. You can either fill out the petition when you purchase the spell service or email it up to 5 days before the New Moon to This petition will be placed beneath your candle. Your figural candle shape and color are optimized for the New Moon.

If you purchase the ongoing subscription, please email us your petition at least 5 days before the new moon. This allows us to prepare your candle to your intention. Please email your petition to so that Pamita has time to prepare your spell. If we do not receive a petition from you, Madame Pamita will do a general spell for positive outcomes aligned with the month’s spellwork.

Zoom Meeting Participation and Video

All participants in the New Moon Group Spell Service are invited to join Madame Pamita for a LIVE Zoom session for the lighting of the candles on the New Moon – also called the spell service.

Zoom is a free service that allows us to meet as a group over the internet. You can join live over phone (audio), smartphone (audio/video), tablet or computer (audio/video). If you would like to test out Zoom – you can join Madame Pamita’s Live Q&A on Sundays at 5PM Pacific for a test run (for more info go to

You are not required to attend the Zoom meeting. All participants will receive an email with a link to the video of the New Moon Group Spell Service whether you are able to attend or not. This email will arrive within 24 hours of the scheduled spell service. You must be subscribed to the Parlour of Wonders email list to receive this message. Please subscribe by going to

Zoom Meeting Time and Link

All participants in the New Moon Group Spell Service will receive an email with the unique link for the Zoom candle lighting service. If you join this meeting live, then you can see your candle and also join Madame Pamita for a brief Q&A about the candle service after the service.


Only the participants will be able to join the live Zoom meeting. Your candle will only be identified by your initials. The name you use in the Zoom meeting will only be seen by others participating in the service, so if you wish to remain anonymous, you can choose to use a pseudonym or just a first name when you log in to Zoom.


If you have any questions about the New Moon Spell Service, you may contact Bridget at If you would like progress reports on how your spell is going before your spell is finished, would like additional magical coaching or any contact from Madame Pamita about your spellwork beyond Zoom sessions, you may book a paid appointment with Madame Pamita at the regular rate.


No refunds are given on spellwork that has been contracted unless Madame Pamita fails to services as described above in a timely manner according to the time-frame described above.

By submitting the New Moon Spell Service Spellwork Agreement form, you are indicating that you have an informed belief in spiritual work and its traditional practices and wish to engage the services of a spiritual worker to perform magic on your behalf as part of an attempt to resolve certain life issues. You are also acknowledging that you have an understanding of the nature of spiritual folk magic and that although Madame Pamita does guarantee that the work will be performed as contracted for, that your results may vary from the results described in written testimonials posted on the Parlour of Wonders website.

While Madame Pamita is a highly skilled magical worker, due to the free will of the client and actions that they may take to block or disturb the magical work being done, she can make no guarantees that the work will result in a successful outcome. You also acknowledge that spellwork is not a substitute for professional legal or healthcare advice.

If you have any questions about this Spellwork Agreement, please contact Bridget at