Buffalo Ammonia


Buffalo Ammonia


Buffalo Ammonia is an all-purpose spiritual cleanser which invokes the power of the sacred buffalo of the Native Americans. 4 oz.

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Ammonia is a common household cleaning liquid that is used in hoodoo rootwork as a magical cleanser, purifier, and protectant, perhaps as a replacement for raw urine, which has long been used in spells of protection. It can also be used to do away with jinxes and crossed conditions, or to spiritually wash away any evil tricks and messes out down for you or thrown in your foot path.

Buffalo Ammonia is a mildly Lemon-scented form of Ammonia. The same fragrances are used in Lucky Mojo Van Van dressing oil as well as in Chinese Wash -- all of which have similar uses in spiritual cleansing and magical protection.

How to use Buffalo Ammonia:

Add one tablespoonful each of Buffalo Ammonia, salt, and Four Thieves Vinegar in your bath for nine successive mornings for personal protection.

For business luck, add Buffalo Ammonia, Cinnamon powder and sugar to sidewalk scrubbing water and mop or sweep inward, toward the front door, while reciting the 23rd Psalm, to draw sweet customers with money to spend.

Add 3 tablespoons of Buffalo Ammonia and 3 tablespoons of Chinese Wash to a bucket of warm water for a powerful spiritual home cleansing formula.