Chinese Wash


Chinese Wash


Chinese Wash is used in rites of protection, in spiritual house-cleansings, to clean away messes left by enemy root workers, to open the way for new beginnings, and to purify the home in the interests of maintaining marital fidelity and a peaceful home, keeping rooms rented, or attracting customers to a business.  4 oz.

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Does it seem as if someone had put a jinx on your home or business? Keep your place spiritually clean and get a fresh new start. Chinese Wash is made according to the Old Original Formula with genuine Oriental Grasses and Gums and has a fresh lemony scent.

Ways to use this wash:

Just add a tablespoon of Chinese Wash to your scrub water and energetically wash your floors, doorsteps, corners of rooms, and closets. 

Add a teaspoon to a spray bottle with spring water and spray a little on the beds, furniture, curtains, and walls (it is a soap, so use a high dilution and test on delicate fabrics).  

Add a teaspoon to your laundry to spiritually wash your clothes. 

When it is properly diluted, Chinese Wash is safe to clean most household surfaces. 

Mix with Buffalo Ammonia for a powerful spiritual house cleansing.