Lodestone Oil


Lodestone Oil


The live magnetism of the lodestone is alleged to draw love, luck, and money to you. Contains genuine live Magnetic Lodestones . 1/2 oz.

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Since ancient times, the Lodestone has been held in high regard as a Powerful Amulet and all-around Good Luck Charm because its Magnetic Influences are supposed to attract Power, Favors, Love, Money, and Gifts. Lodestone oil contains pieces of genuine live Lodestone.

How to Use this Oil:

Click on the video below for guidance on how to use spiritual condition oils.

Anoint a lodestone on your altar or in your money box or cash register to "feed" it and give it extra power. 

Dress your mojo bag with Lodestone oil to attract what you desire. Dab in a "5-Spot" pattern (like the 5 on a die). 

Rub a few drops of Lodestone oil on a lucky amulet to increase its power.