Lucky 13 Oil by Lucky Mojo

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Lucky 13 Oil by Lucky Mojo


For lottery and bingo play; uses unlucky conditions to generate good luck. 1/2 oz.

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Good luck comes in many forms but you know when you've got it, because all your hunches come true, your numbers all hit, and everything you do turns out for the best.

Lucky 13 is an old hoodoo formula for oil that is designed to attract good luck for Bingo and Lottery players.

How to use this oil:

Click on the video below for guidance on how to use spiritual condition oils.

Carve your full name on a green, white or yellow beeswax and dress the candle with Lucky 13 Oil. As you dress it and speak aloud your petition.  Place the candle in a candle holder and place the candle holder on a dish. Place your lottery ticket under the dish where it is safe from getting the wax on it. Or, if you are a Bingo player, place your daubers near the candle. You may burn the candle in sections (generally 15 minutes at a time) or let it burn through to the end, no matter how long it takes. 

Apply a few drops of oil to your hands before gambling. 

Apply a drop of the oil to the "tools" of your gambling (lucky pen, or lucky daubers) or to a lucky talisman that you carry with you when you gamble.