Money Stay With Me Oil by Lucky Mojo

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Money Stay With Me Oil by Lucky Mojo


It's not how much you get, it's how much you can hold on to! 1/2 oz.

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It's not how much you get but how much you can keep! Folks who have no difficulty bringing in money sometimes find it slipping through their fingers until they are flat broke. Money Stay With Me has been designed to address this condition. Use the products to dress your money to help keep it!

Use Money Stay With Me Oil when you find that the money you are making flows away to unexpected bills and expenses, or you find yourself losing money. Use together with Money Drawing Oil if you want more money to come in too.

Ways to use this oil:

Click on the video below for guidance on how to use spiritual condition oils.

Wear the perfumed oil as a personal scent to make your money stay in your pocket instead of getting spent on unnecessary expenses. 

Start with a spell and then continue to use the oil to dress yourself, your money, or your wallet to keep your money from running away from you.

Add 13 drops to an atomiser bottle filled with spring water, shake and spray in yourhome to keep your money at home with you.

Dress a green beeswax candle with Money Stay With Me oil, applying it in a upward motion.