Safe Travel Oil by Lucky Mojo


Safe Travel Oil by Lucky Mojo


For safety while on a journey and for a happy welcome home.  1/2 oz.

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Spiritual Oils for US orders only. We cannot ship oils outside of the US. For orders outside of the US, we substitute incense with full instructions on how to use incense in place of oil.

When you or someone you love must travel away from home, two conditions are greatly desired -- a safe and happy journey, and return to a welcoming home. Safe Travel Oil is formulated with herbs and roots traditionally associated with safety on the road; use it to anoint your luggage, your vehicle, and yourself.

Safe Travel is a hoodoo formula for oil that dates from the early 20th century. It is usually used by a traveller to anoint his or her personal belongings and vehicle, and may also be applied as a dressing oil to candles that are burned by those who stay at home and await the traveller's safe return. Those who place talismans and amulets in a vehicle may derive benefit from lightly anointing these things with Safe Travel Oil at the beginning of a journey.

Protection of one's vehicle and self while on the road are almost universal desires.

Those who look to saints and gods as protectors may deploy a wide variety of talismans and figural amulets.

Catholics often place small plastic statues on the dashboard of their car. The most popular figures are of Jesus Christ and Saint Christopher, but other patron saints may also be employed. Since the early 20th century, Saint Christopher has been widely appealed to in a prayer ("The Motorist's Prayer") which not only asks for protection of the car but asks for intercession to keep the car from hitting a pedestrian. The prayer is printed on the back of Saint Christopher holy cards.

In Mongolia, taxi drivers hang a laminated image of the Kalachakra (a Tibetan Buddhist symbol) from their rear view mirrors to protect against accident.

In urban China, spinning gold-tone plastic rear view mirror hangers depicting Kwan Yin (a protective goddess who is viewed by some as a Buddhist boddhisatva of compassion) are said to both protect the car and its inhabitants from accident and to protect pedestrians and animals from being hit by the car.

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