Alder Incense of the West


The fragrant smoke of Alder Incense of the West will transport you to faery lands and will take your imagination to faraway places of new adventure.

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In Celtic folklore, the Alder is associated with the fairies and it was believed that doorways to the fairy realm were concealed within its trunk.  The Alder was sacred to the god ‘Bran’ who carried a branch of it with him during the ‘Battle of the Trees’ saga, an old Celtic legend.  Bran’s totem animal was the Raven, which also became associated with the Alder.  

Alder grows on the Pacific coast and is used for cooking, smoking seafood, furniture, and cabinet making. This deciduous, moisture-loving tree, produces flowers which develop into small woody cones that decorate the tree in winter. The mild smell of this incense compliments and reflects the Northwest United States.

This  charming vintage printed box contains 40 alder incense bricks. Light them as you would any incense cone. They are especially magical with our Terracotta Incense Burners.


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