Ancient Goddess Brass Incense Burner


Place this Ancient Goddess Brass Incense Burner on your altar to invoke her blessings and honor the divine feminine.

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This solid brass incense burner is the perfect addition to your altar.  Long before the widespread adoption of monotheistic, patriarchal forms of religious worship, goddesses served vital roles in their respective pantheons throughout the ancient world. These goddess figurines represented nature, fertility, power, and beauty and can be found in almost every prehistoric culture.

The goddess on this solid brass incense cone burner holds up a tray that is the perfect size for burning your favorite incense cones. Add a little incense sand, light your cone, replace the lid and you’re ready to connect to the feminine divine. Burn your incense in this beautiful burner to invite more power, more mystery, more love into your magic, or simply add the intoxicating fragrance of incense to your space.

9″ tall


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