Ancient Tibetan Citronella Incense Sticks


These handmade Ancient Tibetan Citronella Incense Sticks can be used in spells for cleansing, purification and removal of evil.

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    Citronella is used in spells for spiritual cleansing, removal of evil, banishing of negativity and clearing out negative entities. The bracing scent of Citronella also drives away pests such as mosquitos, and drive out foul odors. Citronella has also played a major medicinal role in the treatment of many contagious diseases. It can be used as spiritual support for clearing, stimulating and strengthening the nerves.

    Each charming and ecologically sound handmade paper tube comes with 30 thick 5.5″ sticks. Each stick burns for approximately 45-60 minutes.

    Use it with the included mini incense burner, with the Tibetan Wooden Ladder Incense Burner or with any incense burner and incense burner sand.


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