Ancient Tibetan Spiritual Healing Incense Sticks


These handmade Ancient Tibetan Spiritual Healing Incense Sticks are a traditional incense that can be used to cleanse and purify the atmosphere, the soul, the home or places of worship.

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Ancient Tibetan Spiritual Healing Incense, otherwise known as Ashtagandha, is a traditional incense mixture made by mixing eight holy herbal ingredients. it is free from all the chemicals and is widely used for rituals in temples and Hindu homes. There was a time when Ashtagandha was burned every evening in every home for building positive spiritual energy. The burning of incense has been a popular practice around the world for thousands of years for spiritual healing and today it is used as a tool in alternative medicine too. Buddhist and Hindu monks and other religions around the world regard incense burning as an essential tool for meditation and worship.

Each charming and ecologically sound handmade paper tube comes with 30 thick 5.5″ sticks. Each stick burns for approximately 45-60 minutes.

Use it with the included mini incense burner, with the Tibetan Wooden Ladder Incense Burner or with any incense burner and incense burner sand.


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