Aphrodite Lotion Bar by Coastside Conjure


Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and this Aphrodite Lotion Bar by Coastside Conjure is used for glamour spells to gain the attention and adoration of others.

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    Coastside Conjure Aphrodite Lotion Bars are a truly rare and magical tool. This exquisite lotion bar is handcrafted in small batches and made of the gifts of this love goddess: real gold leaf, rose petals, an authentic Swarovski crystal, real Tahitian vanilla, and essence of champagne.

    This lotion bar comes in a re-useable tin and is made in limited batches on an altar that is set with Parlour of Wonders beeswax candles on the goddess’ day of Friday, you will not find a more carefully crafted magical tool dedicated to attraction and true love anywhere.

    The proof is in the pudding though, and this lotion bar does its work to capture the hearts and attention of others. There are numerous reports of clients who have captivated strangers, been gifted flowers out of nowhere, and asked out on a date by someone they would never have expected!

    How to use a lotion bar:

    • You can use your lotion bar dry throughout the day or apply it to slightly damp skin after you get out of the shower.
    • Applying it on warm, damp skin may make application a bit easier.
    • Warm the bar between your hands for a few seconds, working it into your palms (and moisturizing your hands as you go), allowing it to melt just slightly so it’s easier to work with.
    • Rub the bar directly onto your skin, working it into those tough, dry and cracked areas on the arms, legs, knees, elbows and feet.
    • The bar will leave behind a thin layer of moisturizing oils that will sink deep into the skin and keep it hydrated throughout the day.
    • If your bar is really hard in the winter months, you can run it under warm water and it will loosen up slightly.
    • Store your lotion bars in a cool, dry place. Too much warmth or steam could cause the product to melt.

    This sweet decadent scent can be used on the body and is bound to get some heads to turn!

    Measures 3″ x 3″

    Created by Coastside Conjure



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