Aphrodite White Marble Incense Burner


This Aphrodite White Marble Incense Burner is both modern and ancient and brings a touch of pure elegance and sophistication to your altar.

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    Marble has been considered beautiful, elegant and magical since ancient times. Its name translates from Greek as “shining stone,” which testifies to its power. The ancient Greeks considered this mineral to be the stone of the goddess of love, Aphrodite, and built her temples solely from marble. The Romans believed that marble was able to protect from evil spirits and often tiled their homes with marble slabs just for this purpose. In ancient India, the belief was that marble not only scares off evil spirits but also attracts the good ones.

    This elegant 10” long burner is made from heavy solid white marble and can be used with all stick incense — simply place the stick in the hole at one end and it will hold your incense at a 45 degree angle where it can burn safely and cleanly. This incense burner is big enough that it can also be used as a handy resting place for your smudge sticks.

    Solid marble/Incense not included

    Measures 10” x 1.5 x .5”


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