Aqua Aura Quartz Queen Mab Pendulum


Queen Mab is the Fairy Queen and the magical aqua aura quartz calls forth the powerful fae energies.

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Aqua aura quartz is a stone for those who seek the truth. Not only will it help you realize the truth about yourself, but about others as well. It can help you access the truth of your emotions and balance emotional extremes, making sure that your emotions are aligned and cleared. It can give you direction, help you to concentrate and can increase your mental abilities.

Queen Mab is the Fairy Queen in she is a powerful female trickster and is invoked by those who wish to get the upper hand in a situation.

Pendulums are an ancient divination tool for finding intuitive answers to simple Yes/No questions. Ask a question, hold the chain of the pendulum as still as you are able, and allow the plumb bob to hang down. Swinging clockwise or away and toward you indicates a Yes answer; swinging counterclockwise or from left to right indicates a No answer.

Click below for a video lesson on how to use a Pendulum for divination.


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