AVAILABLE NOW – Pre-Purchase ALL New Moon Spell Services for 2022


Would you like to participate in all of the upcoming New Moon Spell Services for 2022 but don’t want to run the risk of them selling out?

You can pre-purchase all the upcoming New Moon Spell Services for 2022 and get a guaranteed space in each month’s release.

No setting your calendars or risking missing a service because it’s sold out. Pre-purchase and you will have your space reserved for you before we open sales to the general public.

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To order this series of spells and participate in this special and sacred service, you must sign the New Moon Spell Service Agreement.

Each month on the new moon, I conduct a complex candle spell service on my hearth altar. This is ancient magic meant to bring powerful and positive changes into your life.

When you purchase a New Moon Spell Service spell, we gather together as a group over the internet and you will witness me blessing and lighting your candles for your intention on my brick hearth – a place of power and magic for inviting your best outcomes.

You will be invited to two exclusive live zoom videos where you can join me and the 13 people who are participating. In the first video, you will see your candle being blessed and lit on the hearth and in the second, I will do a live candle reading for each candle after it is complete.

So much about this spellwork is magical:

The gathering together of 13 amplifies your spell as we coordinate our work together. The number 13 is a powerful number for luck and change especially when things are complicated or energies are not in your favor.

The New Moon is the beginning of the waxing phase of the moon and is the optimum timing for setting powerful intentions for bringing in positive outcomes.

The hearth is traditionally a place for magic – a liminal portal that allows the spirit world to assist in your spellwork.

What you need to know:

  • Each New Moon Spell Service is limited to 13 people served on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • When you book your order, you will receive a number (1 through 13) and an invitation to our live zoom sessions

  • You will not be identified on the video other than by your number unless you choose to use your name.

  • Lighting of the candle takes place on the date of the New Moon

  • On the following full moon, there will be a second live Zoom session where we will look at the candles and I will interpret the candle results.

  • Following our live sessions, there will be a brief live Q&A if you wish to ask questions.

  • All participants in the Spell Service will receive a copy of the videos (so you can look back at it or see it if you are not able to make the scheduled meeting).


Important dates for this spell:

When you order this option, you will automatically be guaranteed a spot in each of the Spell Services before we open it to the public.



What is Zoom and how will I be able to see the videos of my candle?

Zoom is a free video-conferencing app that can be downloaded to your phone or computer. You will be sent a link to join in our video conference. You will be able to see and hear as I work with your candles. You will also be able to ask questions over voice or through typed chat at the end of our session and hear others’ questions that they may have about their spells.

If you are not able to make the live session, don’t worry! All 13 participants will receive a recording of the video of the zoom session.

If we are viewing this work together, how can you protect my anonymity?

All candles will be identified with a number, not a name. At no time during the video will I refer to you by name unless you choose to reveal your name yourself. You may type in your name or a pseudonym (fake name) for our video sessions or choose not to participate in the live sessions and your name will not be revealed. When you log in to Zoom, you will not have a video of your face or a recording of your voice unless you choose to turn either of these features on.

Will the public be able to see this video?

The video will only be distributed to the people in the New Moon Hearth Service. I respectfully ask that they do not share the video with others outside of the circle of participants. I will create a separate video of the candles on the hearth (without the group gathered) to post on Instagram but no candle will be identifiable except by number.

What do I get with this service?

You will receive

  • One complex candle spell performed by Madame Pamita on my New Moon Spell Service altar – each member of the new moon spell service will have their own individual complex candle spell identified by a number but all will be placed on the hearth together.

  • Two live video sessions and the recordings of those sessions – one when the candle is lit on the new moon and one when the candle has been completed on the full moon

Can I purchase more than one candle spell in the same spell service?

Yes, you may purchase more than one candle spell in a single service but it is best if they are set for different people. For example, you can order one for yourself and one for a friend or family member in the same service. You may also order candle spells for spell services in other months whenever they are made available.

Can I do the same spell at home while Madame Pamita is doing one for me?

Many people like to double up the power of their intention by purchasing a spell kit or the spell kit and workshop so that we can both do similar spells for the same intention.

Can you customize my spell? What if I want a different color candle or some other intention other than the one offered?

Each candle spell will have small customizations in herbs and support candles to enhance your particular intention, but the master candles of all the spells will be the same style and color to enhance the power of all of our candles being burned together. If you have a different intention than the one offered at this month’s service, wait until a month that has a focus that is closer to yours or order a custom vigil candle that I can create to your exact specifications.


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