Green Aventurine Tumbled Gemstone


A Tumbled Green Aventurine Gemstone can be used in spells to open up prosperity and wealth, increase luck in competitions or games of chance and open up new opportunities.


Green Aventurine is the gem of opportunity and is a powerful talisman for luck and vitality. It increases wealth and tips the odds in your favor in games of chance or competitions. It is excellent for drawing love, especially later in life, and creates an aura of optimism.

Using a Green Aventurine Tumbled Gemstone can help you to break old patterns, habits, and release disappointments. It also helps to open up growth, optimism and joie de vivre, by bolstering confidence, decisiveness, leadership qualities and allowing one to embrace change. It enhances creativity, motivation, and perseverance. It is an especially useful crystal when combined with Rose Quartz, Moonstone and other heart crystals for opening up love later in life. Green Aventurine soothes and calms overwrought emotions, nervousness, anger, irritation, and everyday stress. It encourages sleep and quiets overthinking. It is especially grounding during times of change or upheaval and can calm those feelings of instability.

Ways to Use Your Crystal Magically:

  • To cleanse your gemstones and allow their pure energy to flow, place them in a bowl of sea salt water overnight, then rinse them with plain water.
  • Charge your gems by placing them under the light of the full moon overnight.
  • Bring in spiritual focus when doing spells by holding a crystal in one hand or two in both hands.
  • Make a crystal grid by placing several crystals in a pattern on an altar space.
  • Make a Gem Elixir or Crystal Water by placing a crystal in a jar in a bowl of water overnight. You may use this water to bless, cleanse or drink and impart the essence of the gemstone to whatever this water touches.
  • Place your gemstones on your altar to empower the energy of your magical work.
  • Carry gemstones in a small cloth bag in your purse or pocket to bring the energy of the gem with you wherever you go.

Gemstones measure approximately 1″-1.5″


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