Baba Yaga Embroidered Cloth Patch


Show the world that you’re a badass witch and your devotion to the Slavic Forest Grandmother with this Baba Yaga Embroidered Cloth Patch.

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Baba Yaga is a pan-Slavic spirit dating back thousands of years as the Forest Grandmother. She’s a powerful, wild, and free crone and a witch icon. You can show your love for her or just show the world that you’re a badass witch by wearing this patch on your clothes.

This heavy black canvas patch is machine-embroidered with yellow threads spelling out Baba Yaga in Cyrillic lettering.

The patch comes with a velcro tab for easy on-off application. Just sew the velcro onto your cloth and then slap the patch on or peel it off when you need to go undercover.

Patch measures 4″ x 1″


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