Bat Nut – Whole

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A whole Bat Nut (Trapa natans) is a lucky charm that is used to bring luck, reverse negativity, and protect against evil.


    The Bat Nut is a lucky curio used for spells of protection, to reverse negativity or malefic spells, or to keep evil far away from you.

    Suggested magical uses for Bat Nuts:

    • Place on your property or on an altar
    • Dress with Powerful Protection oil and carry in a flannel mojo bag
    • Place it above a doorway or window to keep evil out of your home

    For in-depth information on how to use this and other herbs and roots magically, I recommend Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic and Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, both of which can be found in our Books section.

    1 review for Bat Nut – Whole

    1. Cybil Perry (verified owner)

      I have placed this above my doorway to keep evil away. works like a charm.

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