Beeswax Domovyk House Gnome Candle

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The Beeswax Domovyk House Gnome Candle is the perfect way to invite the blessings of the Slavic house spirit, the Domovyk, into your home.



The Domovyk (Ukrainian and Serbian), Domovoy (Russian), Domowik (Polish) is a Slavic house spirit, a tiny little man with gray shaggy hair, a long beard, and bright eyes. He’s a shy fellow, though, so most of the time he will make himself invisible, and when he is, you’ll only be able to detect him by the sounds he makes as he rustles through your things or scampers through your house.

If you are lucky enough or gifted enough to see him, he might look a little familiar to you. He can bear a family resemblance or appear as a tiny version of a strong and positive male ancestor of yours. He’ll be dressed like a typical peasant from the old country with loose pants, an embroidered shirt, and a woven belt wrapped around his waist, but his hairy feet will be bare. It’s not just his feet that are hairy; he’ll be covered with shaggy hair from head to toe. This is a good thing! His hairiness tells you about his well-being. The more hair he has, the happier he is and the more prosperous your home will be.

The Domovyk is known by many names in Slavic countries:

  • Děd, Dĕdek, Děduška, Šetek, Šotek, Skřítek, Domovníček, Hospodáříček (Czech)
  • Did, Didko, Diduch, Domovyk (Ukrainian)
  • Damavik (Belarusian)
  • Škrata, Škriatok (Slovak)
  • Škrat, Škratek (Slovenian)
  • Skrzatek, Skrzat, Skrzot, Domowik, Djadek (Polish)
  • Domovoy, Chozyain, Chozyainuško (Russian)
  • Stopan (Bulgarian)
  • Domaći (Croatian)

A respected and well-loved Domovyk will guard the home and keep out evil or troublesome spirits. He can even contribute to the well- being of the family, letting them know if company is coming or alerting them that there is some good news on the way, for instance. He can wake them up if there is a fire, keep out thieves, and even do some chores around the home while they are asleep. Yes, a Domovyk who is treated with attention and kindness becomes a valued member of the family, offering strong spiritual protection and bringing generous blessings to all.

Invite the blessings of the Domovyk with these 100% beeswax candles as an offering to your ancestor house spirit.

Use a color that corresponds to your intention:

  • Red for passionate love
  • Pink for romance or friendship
  • Black for banishing or protection
  • Green for fertility or prosperity
  • Blue for tranquility or healing
  • Purple for power and mastery
  • Yellow for luck or happiness
  • Orange for removing blocks
  • Brown for stability
  • White for blessing or any other purpose

Ways to use this candle:

Dress the candle with Spirit Guide oil and then sprinkle with Juniper Powder before lighting to honor your Domovyk.

Place this candle on an altar dedicated to your house spirit – place next to a Beeswax Happy House Candle to add even more blessings to your home.

Dress with Magnetic Attraction Oil and sprinkle with Calamus Root Powder to bring in what you desire


For more information on the Domovyk, see this article: Who is the Slavic House Spirit – The Domovyk? 

Also check out Chapter 3 of Baba Yaga’s Book of Witchcraft for more on the Domovyk.

For more information on how to cast a spell with a candle, check out our free How to Do a Candle Spell: Candle How To Guide

And for detailed information on candle magic, check out The Book of Candle Magic.

Candle measures 7.5″ tall

Burn time: 20 hours

100% pure beeswax

Cotton wick – lead-free


Lovingly witchcrafted at the Parlour of Wonders in Los Angeles, California

5 reviews for Beeswax Domovyk House Gnome Candle

  1. Helena Bauernschmitt (verified owner)

    The detail on this candle is amazing. Super high quality. Absolutely love everything about it. I keep it on a special altar in the kitchen dedicated to my house sprit.

  2. Sheri Akhurst

    Love this candle. Beautifully made and charming. I’m enjoying the light from this happy little spirit and look forward to the blessings we hope he brings.

  3. Cybil Perry

    I love the blessings he has brought into my home.

  4. Connie Kick (verified owner)

    Not only is this product fantastic in appearance, it is true magik! My daughter has been having very bad luck with her pets. She is nearly bankrupt from the vet bills. I bought her this candle to protect them. In the two weeks she has had the candle, one of the cats has recovered remarkably from a horrible surgery and her dog’s liver enzymes have returned to normal alleviating the threat of invasive and expensive ( upwards of around $7000.00) testing. This is a must have if you have pets in your house!

  5. Connie (verified owner)

    This product is true MAGIK! My daughter is nearly bankrupt from horrible luck with her animals its one illness or surgery after the next. I purchased this for her to help protect them from whatever is happening. In the two Weeks since she received this candle, one if her cats has had a remarkable recovery from a horrible surgery and her one dog’s liver enzymes are back to normal which has eliminated the threat of some very invasive and expensive (upwards of $7,000.00) testing and surgeries. This is a must if you have pets!

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