Beeswax Goddess of Willendorf Candle


The Goddess of Willendorf is used in spells of feminine power, fertility and abundance.



The Goddess of Willendorf, sometimes called the Venus of Willendorf, is a statuette that was made 27,000 to 30,000 years ago. Many believe that the statue was used for worship of feminine power, for fertility rites or for planting seed. Use this candle in spells to increase female power, for fertility and growth or for increasing abundance.

Use these 100% beeswax candles in spells for power, growth or prosperity. Use red for passionate love, pink for romance or friendship, black for banishing or protection, green for fertility or prosperity, blue for tranquility or reconciliation, purple for power and mastery, yellow for fame or happiness, orange for removing blocks and white for blessing or any other purpose.

Ways to use this candle:

Dress the candle with Queen Elizabeth oil,  and then sprinkle with Queen Elizabeth powder before lighting for your feminine power intention.

Dress with Dixie Love oil and Crown of Success sachet for fertility.

Dress with Wealthy Way oil and sprinkle with Alfalfa for a prosperity spell.

5.5″ tall
Burn time: 6 hours
100% pure beeswax
cotton wick – lead-free
Handcrafted in the USA


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