Beeswax Mermaid Magic Candle


Mermaids are the goddesses of the sea. Use Beeswax Mermaid Magic Candle for calling in water goddesses, such as Yemoja, Atargatis, or Rusalky, or for working on emotions and psychic awareness.



Mermaids are the spirits of love, allure, beauty and transformation. This spell candle is perfect for spells with an emotional center – bringing in romance, attracting admiration, or gently healing or transforming your life.

If you would like to work with a specific water deity (or any spirit or deity, for that matter). I recommend that you first ask the spirit if you may work together. If the answer is a yes, you will be given some sort of sign. For those who ask to work with a water goddess, I have heard many different possibilities of signs – seeing mermaid imagery, seeing shells or other ocean words or items, seeing sea creatures and so on. The water goddesses are particularly attracted to working with those who seek emotional peace and increasing psychic skills.

Use these 100% beeswax candles in spells for power or as offerings and petitions to your water goddess. Use the color that aligns with your intention:

  • Red for passionate love
  • Pink for romance or friendship
  • Black for banishing or protection
  • Green for fertility or prosperity
  • Blue for tranquility or reconciliation
  • Purple for power and mastery
  • Yellow for fame or happiness
  • Orange for removing blocks
  • Brown for grounding
  • White for blessing or any other purpose

Ways to use this candle:

Dress the candle with Peace and Tranquility oil and then surround with shells before lighting for your intention.

Place this candle unlit on an altar dedicated to connecting with your water goddess.

Dress with Self Love oil and True Love sachet to bring self-love that leads to true love.

For more information on how to cast a spell with a candle, check out our free How to Do a Candle Spell: Candle How To Guide

And for detailed information on candle magic, check out The Book of Candle Magic.

Candle measures 10” tall

Burn time: 18 hours

100% pure beeswax

Cotton wick – lead-free


Lovingly witchcrafted at the Parlour of Wonders in Los Angeles, California


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