Beeswax Psychic Cat Candle

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Open up your psychic vision and spiritual enlightenment with this mystical and magical Beeswax Psychic Cat Candle.



When you are ready to open up your third-eye and invite in stronger intuitive hits, clearer psychic messages, or visionary dreaming, this Beeswax Psychic Cat Candle is here to assist your spells!

Cats are known to be highly attuned spiritual creatures with amazing extra-sensory perception. You can use this Psychic Cat Candle to

  • Enhance clairvoyance (psychic seeing)
  • Open up clairaudience (psychic hearing)
  • Strengthen clairsentience (psychic feeling)
  • Improve claircognizance (psychic knowing)
  • Recall and interpret dreams
  • Develop deeper intuition

Beeswax candles are the creme de la creme of magical tools.  While the superior burn of beeswax is useful for any type of work, the honey-imbued wax is especially perfect for sweetening up a situation.  These artisanal beeswax figural candles are individually witchcrafted at the Parlour of Wonders.

Choose the color of candle based on your spell’s intention

  • Black for psychic protection
  • Blue for psychic awareness
  • Brown for psychic grounding
  • Green for psychic abundance
  • Orange for psychic opening
  • Pink for psychic healing
  • Purple for psychic power
  • Red for psychic love connections
  • White for clear vision
  • Yellow for psychic success

A simple but very effective candle spell to create a psychic link between you and another person or pet:

  • Purchase two Beeswax Psychic Cat candles and inscribe your name with an inscriber or nail on one candle and the other person’s name on the other.
  • Apply Psychic Eye oil in an upward motion to the candles speaking your wish as you do.
  • Sprinkle Anise, Mugwort and Coltsfoot around the candles on a tray or dish and then light the candles to send off your intention.

These candles are 100% pure beeswax with no fragrances, essential oils or herbs added.

For more information on how to cast a spell with a candle, check out our free How to Do a Candle Spell: Candle How To Guide

And for detailed information on candle magic, check out The Book of Candle Magic.

Candle measures 3.5″w x 3.5″ h

Burn time: 18 hours

100% pure beeswax

Cotton wick – lead-free


Lovingly witchcrafted at the Parlour of Wonders in Los Angeles, California

2 reviews for Beeswax Psychic Cat Candle

  1. Cybil Perry (verified owner)

    Beautiful candle. I chose the white for clear vision. Cant wait to light it.

  2. Nicole (verified owner)

    Well detailed made candle!

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