Beeswax Skull Candle – Large


These large Beeswax Skull Candles can be used for working on someone’s thoughts, creating mental clarity or inspiration or working with spirits or ancestors.



When you want to work with the mind or work in the spirit world a skull shaped candle is the perfect tool. These beeswax skulls are the best candles money can buy – made with 100% beeswax with no fragrance added.

Choose the color that is appropriate to the work that you are doing.

  • Red for passionate love
  • Pink for romance or friendship
  • Black for banishing or protection
  • Green for prosperity or career
  • Blue for tranquility or reconciliation
  • Purple for power and mastery
  • Yellow for fame, success or happiness
  • Orange for opening up opportunities
  • Brown for legal matters or fidelity
  • White for blessing or any other purpose.

Examples of ways to use this candle:

  • To get a lover to think of you, use a white or red skull candle and apply a love oil (True Love, Soul Mate, Magnetic Attraction, etc.).
  • To influence a boss to give you a raise, use a green candle and apply Abundant Prosperity oil.
  • For mental clarity in yourself or others, use a white candle and apply Peace and Tranquility oil.
  • To get someone to stop thinking about you, use a black candle and apply Banishing oil.
  • To get someone to notice you either romantically or professionally, use a pink candle and Come to Me oil.
  • To spiritually heal thoughts, use a blue candle and Holy Healing oil.
  • For successful mindsets, use a purple candle and Grand Success oil.

Watch the videos below to see how to use a skull candle in a spell and another video on how to load a skull candle.

For more information on how to cast a spell with a candle, check out our free How to Do a Candle Spell: Candle How To Guide

And for detailed information on candle magic, check out The Book of Candle Magic.

Candle measures 3.5” tall

100% pure beeswax

Cotton wick – lead-free


Lovingly witchcrafted at the Parlour of Wonders in Los Angeles, California


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